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Be warned: This page is SPOILERTASTIC! If you're looking for a more general page on Ascension strategy, try AscensionStrategy.

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If you're looking for help in defeating the Naughty Sorceress, check out the NaughtySorceressLair section of QuestSpoilers.

Once you have defeated the Naughty Sorceress, you will be given the option to Ascend. Make sure that you do everything you want to do on the earthly plane (clean up your inventory, use any remaining adventures, etc.) before you Ascend. When you ascend, you'll have the chance to kick around Valhalla for a while, and then eventually be re-incarnated as a new Adventurer. For more information on the details of your new incarnation, see [WWW]the official Ascension FAQ.

You will have your choice of the following nine signs:

The choice determines which of the three new areas will be available to you. If you choose Muscle, you will get the inside of Degrassi Knoll. If you pick a Mysticality sign, Little Canadia will be open to you. If you choose a Moxie sign, then you will get the Gnomish Gnomads' Camp. The three signs within each class also presumably have some difference between them; here's what I've figured out so far:

When you visit Mt. Noob, the Toot Oriole will give you a letter from King Ralph XI. Opening this letter will give you the class tattoo for your new class, a gemstone, and your ascension tattoo (see "Ascension Rewards" below). There are three possible gemstones -- hamethyst (mus), baconstone (mys), and porquoise (mox). As far as I can tell, the gemstone you get is random.

Here's a rundown of what you get in each area.

Degrassi Knoll


Quest Areas

Warning: It appears that Bugbear Baker and One Day in the Life are mutually exclusive -- you can only get one. So if you want to get the trophy, you have to not to get the Bugbear Baker adventure. If you do get the Bugbear Baker, you're out of luck.

Mushroom growing -- see MushroomFarming

Combinations, outfits, tattoos, familiars, etc.

You can also make wines out of the mushrooms by cocktailcrafting them with the mushroom fermenting solution. See CocktailCrafting for the list.

A note on equipment for the special gravy fairies: When you take them to the Arena and win a prize, you always get the message that they don't have anything special for that kind of familiar and you only get a lead necklace. This is deliberate; the only way to get the special equipment for the gravy fairies is to ascend more than 3 times as a Muscle sign. Then, the Mayor will start giving you equipment for the fairies.

Little Canadia (just above Seaside Town)


Combinations, outfits, tattoos, familiars, etc.

Jewelrymaking -- see JewelryMaking

Bosses and Mind Control and You

One of the other functions of the mind control device is that when you fight the "boss" monsters (Baron von Ratsworth, the Boss Bat, Goblin King, and Bonerdagon) with the mind control on certain settings, you get special items! (For the Boss Bat and the Bonerdagon, these are in addition to the regular item, while for the Goblin King, it's in place of the Crown, and for the Baron, it replaces the monocle.) These items, and the settings used to obtain them are:


There is one ultra-rare in Camp Logging Camp dropped by a hockey elemental, as discovered by Thaumaturge Nirlem. It has been confirmed by Jick as being an ultra-rare dropping by the same mechanism as the Baio, hypnodisk, etc. Here's the stats:

Gnomish Gnomads' Camp (on Desert Beach)

Supertinkering -- see SupertinkerRecipes

Combinations, outfits, tattoos, etc.

Other Ascension Stuff

Ascension Rewards

Every time you complete a normal Ascension, you will receive the following goodies in your letter from King Ralph XI:

If you complete a pathed ascension, your letter will contain additional goodies:

But wait, there's more! If you complete a normal Hardcore ascension, you will get the following goodies:

Completing a hardcore pathed ascension gets you even more!

Big thanks to sickbacchus, Cisco, and Neptunie for the scoop on the plexiglass!

Stomach of Steel/Spleen of Steel

For teetotallers, when you complete the Deep Fat Friars quest, you will be awarded Stomach of Steel instead of Liver of Steel. As you might guess, Stomach of Steel allows you to eat up to 20 fullness, instead of 15. Oxygenarians get the coveted Spleen of Steel, which allows you to eat up to 20 stat boosters. Useful!

Adventure Changes in Ascension

In Ascension, a few adventures change to slightly different versions. These changes are all cosmetic. The adventures which have changed, to my knowledge, are Hammer Time (in the Sleazy Back Alley), Strike in the Dark, which changes to Spared in the Dark (in the Sleazy Back Alley), Knob Goblin Dilemma (in the Outskirts of Cobb's Knob), and The Singing Tree (in the Haunted Pantry). These changes appear to alternate across Ascensions: that is, after Ascending the first time, you'll see the new versions, then the next Ascension will restore the original versions, and so forth.

One permanent change, and by far the most amusing, however, is in the 8-Bit Realm, where after ascension, all Goombas change into Buzzy Beetles. (For those of you too young to get the joke, in the original Super Mario Brothers, after freeing the Princess, you could start over again, and all of the Goombas would be changed into Buzzy Beetles.)

Ascension and Skills

Every time you ascend, you get to keep a new skill. Skills kept from softcore ascensions will be available only in softcore ascensions, while skills kept from hardcore ascensions will be available in any type of ascension. Note that your first ascension counts as softcore, so if you choose to go hardcore the first time you won't have any skills.

Ascension and Gifts

Each time you Ascend, you get new things available to you in the Gift Shop. The first time you ascend, you get a new plant and a new cake; the second time you ascend, you get a new stuffed toy and a new balloon; and the third time you ascend you get a new box. Then the pattern repeats. The new items (with the number of ascensions required in brackets) are:

The KoL wiki has [WWW]a complete list of all known gifts.

Trophies -- see TrophyHut


With Torso Awaregness, you can now wear shirts! Here are the known shirts in the Kingdom. The Mr. Shirt is, of course, a hacked item, and the Ascension Souvenir T-Shirt was given (I believe) only to Ascension testers, but all of the rest can be obtained normally. To the best of my knowledge, shirts will never drop unless you have Torso Awaregness, nor can you obtain the star shirt or goth kid t-shirt without it. (You can, however, still supertinker the clockwork trench coat without the skill.) It may have been possible to get the supportive bra without Torso Awaregness during the first few weeks of Ascension, but it is not now.

To see the statistics of all the shirts, check out the sortable shirt list at ShirtListByPower.


And finally, a few things that don't fit into any of the other categories: