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This page is outdated. Check out the new sortable weapon list at WeaponListByPower.

This is a list of all weapons known to me. I have checked each of these weapons first-hand to verify their statistics. Brackets indicate weapons not available, as far as I know, through normal means (see UnavailableItems for more details). (A) indicates an ascension item; see AscensionSpoilers for more information. Weapons are sorted in descending order of power, then of attribute boosts (in somewhat subjective order), then alphabetically.

Most weapons have a minimum Muscle requirement, which is listed first in the parentheses. Some weapons (crossbows, can of fake snow, can of maces, disco ball, Disco Banjo, Rock and Roll Legend, slingshot) are "ranged weapons", which use your Moxie instead of your Muscle to hit and require a certain level of Moxie to use instead. Note that the Turtleslinger, despite being slingshot-based, is not a ranged weapon.