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This is a list of all weapons known to me. The meaning of the columns is as follows:

There are 234 weapons in this list.

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Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
antique spear20085 mus1polearmCommonY         -30   Successful hit weakens opponent
Bigger Bugfinder Blade20085 mus2swordUnavailN+11+11+11           
fetus-smashing club20085 mus2clubUnavailN              
Mjolnir Jr.20085 mus1utensilUnavailN              
Bugfinder Blade18075 mus2swordUnavailN+7+7+7           
plexiglass pike pike18075 mus2spearAscRewardN+30%  +25 Melee         +10 PvP fights/day
toy ray gun17572 mox
(one only)
UnavailY   +5 Hotx2         
denim axe17070 mus2axeCommonY+10  +10 Melee          
happiness16567 mus1pistol
CommonY   +12 Hot          
Maxwell's Silver Hammer16567 mus1clubCommonY +10 +10 Melee          
pygmy spear16567 mus1spearCommonY+7             
star crossbow16567 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +8           
star staff16567 mus2staffCommonY +8            
star sword16567 mus2swordCommonY+8             
arse-shooting crossbow16065 mox2crossbow
black sword16065 mus1swordCommonY   +7 Meleex3         
pointed stick16065 mus1spearCommonY   +10 Meleex2         
giant discarded plastic fork15562 mus3staffCommonY    x2    -10    
automatic catapult15060 mox2autopult
bill bec-de-bardiche glaive-guisarme15060 mus2polearm?CommonY              
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
bugbear-smiting sword15060 mus2swordUnavailN+10  +10 Melee          
drywall axe15060 mus2axeCommonY+2
especially homoerotic frat-paddle15060 mus1clubUnavailN             deleted from database
giant needle15060 mus2spearCommonY     +5        
heteroerotic frat-paddle15060 mus1clubUnavailY              
Radio Free Foil15060 mus2swordUnavailY+20*            Effect: Shiny Happy Weapon
star spatula15060 mus1utensilCommonY   +15 Spell          
batblade14557 mus1knifeCommonY   +15 Melee          
ridiculously huge sword14055 mus3swordCommonY+4  +12 Melee          
broken sword13552 mus1swordCommonY          Spooky: Slight   
carob cannon13545 mox2crossbow
Common*Y  +7+5 Stench         +3 adventures/day
hairy staff13545 mus2staffCommon*Y +7 +7 Spell         Regenerate 5-7 MP per adventure
ram-battering staff13552 mus2staffCommonY  +5+10 Hot Spell          
Spirit Precipice13545 mus2swordCommon*Y+7+5  x5         
star boomerang13552 mox1boomerang
CommonY  +5           
star stiletto13552 mus1daggerCommonY+5             
hot cross bow13045 mox2crossbow
Common*Y+5 +7+5 Hot          
lucky ball-and-chain13050 mox2flail
sword behind inappropriate prepositions13045 mus2swordCommon*Y+7            +5 adventures/day
titanium assault umbrella13050 mus1umbrellaCommonY          All: Slight   
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
crazy bastard sword12525 mus1swordRareY+10  +15 Meleex3         
ga-ga radio12547 mox2radio
CommonY   +5 Melee    +20    +1 stat per fight
Grimacite glaive12547 mus2polearmUnavailY+0-50%  +15 Melee         Varies with Grimace
meatspout staff12545 mus2staffCommon*Y +7         +15 +3 adventures/day
pitchfork12547 mus1spearCommonY   +9 Melee          
projectile icemaker12545 mox2crossbow
Common*Y  +7+7 Spell
+5 Cold
shuddersword12545 mus2swordCommon*Y+7  +7 Spell
+5 Spooky
smoldering staff12545 mus2staffCommon*Y +7+5+11 Stench Spell          
asbestos sword12045 mus2swordCommon*Y+7+5            
buffalo blade12045 mus2swordCommonY+5  +3 Hot
+2 Sleaze
chrome crossbow12045 mox2crossbow
Common*Y  +7          +3 adventures/day
giant cheesestick12045 mus2staffCommonY +5 +11 Sleaze Spell          
heavy metal thunderrr guitarrr12045 mox2axe
CommonY   +11 Melee          
linoleum staff12045 mus2staffCommon*Y +7 +7 Spell          
potato pistol12045 mox1pistol
CommonY  +5+5 Sleaze          
silver shrimp fork12045 mys1utensilCommonY   +14 Spell
+5 Melee
two-handed depthsword12045 mus2swordCommonY              
lupine sword11542 mus1swordCommonY   +9 Spooky          
ram stick11542 mus2staffCommonY  +5           
serpentine sword11542 mus1swordCommonY     +10        
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
asbestos crossbow11040 mox2crossbow
Common*Y+5 +7           
chrome staff11040 mus2staffCommon*Y +7           +3 adventures/day
iron pasta spoon11040 mus1utensilCommonY   +10 Spell          
linoleum sword11040 mus2swordCommon*Y+7  +7 Spell          
sack of doorknobs11040 mox2sack
acoustic guitarrr10035 mox2guitar
CommonY           +2  
asbestos staff10035 mus2staffCommon*Y +7+5           
bamboo bokuto10035 mus1swordCommonY              
bow staff10035 mus2staffUnavailY +5 +3 Melee          
can of fake snow10035 mox1can
UnavailY   +5 Cold          
chrome sword10035 mus2swordCommon*Y+7            +3 adventures/day
Crimbo sword10035 mus2swordUnavailY   +5 Melee          
duck-on-a-string10035 mus1flailUnavailY   +5 Melee        +5 
flaming juggler's balls100-1euphemisms
UnavailY   +10 Hot         +2 stats per fight
goulauncher10035 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +4+5 Spooky          
ice sickle100-1knifeUnavailY   +5 Cold +15        
linoleum crossbow10035 mox2crossbow
Common*Y  +7+7 Spell          
Mafia violin case10035 mus1clubUnavailN+20  +30 Melee          
oversized pizza cutter10035 mus1utensilCommonY   +13 Spell          
prehistoric spear10035 mox1throwing spear
UnavailY    x2         
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
ridiculously overelaborate ninja weapon10035 mus3...weaponCommonY    x3        3x chance of fumble
soylent staff10035 mus2staffCommonY +4 +10 Spell          
spiked femur10035 mus1clubCommonY   +6 Spooky          
Super Magic Power Sword X10035 mus1swordCommonY+4   x2    +20    
time sword10035 mus1swordUnavailY             +3 adventures/day
Tropical Crimbo Sword10035 mus1swordUnavailY   +5 Melee          
vampire duck-on-a-string10035 mus1flailUnavailY   +5 Melee        +5 
Cerebral Crossbow9030 mox1crossbow
CommonY   +3 Cold
+3 Spooky
+3 Sleaze
huge spoon9030 mus1utensilCommonY   +10 Spell          
icy-hot katana9030 mus2swordCommonY   +3 Hot
+3 Cold
kneecapping stick9030 mus1clubCommonY    x3         
ninja mop9030 mus2polearmCommonY   +5 Melee          
stainless steel shillelagh9030 mus1clubAscRewardN+15%  +20 Meleex4         
vorpal blade9030 mus1swordCommonY    x2         
7-Foot Dwarven mattock8025 mus2axeCommonY             Successful hit weakens opponent
bubble bauble bow8025 mox2bow
CommonY +2+3         +5 
clockwork crossbow8025 mox1crossbow
AscCommonY   +10 Rangedx3        Critical hit weakens opponent
clockwork staff8025 mys2staffAscCommonY   +10 Spellx3        Critical hit restores 3-24 MP
clockwork sword8025 mus2swordAscCommonY   +10 Meleex3        Critical hit heals 3-24 HP
Crimbo ukelele8020 mox2guitar
UnavailY            +10 
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
crowbarrr8025 mus2staffCommonY         +15    
flypaper staff8020 mus2staffAscCommonY +3 +3 Melee
+3 Spooky
frozen nunchaku8025 mus2flailCommonY   +3 Melee
+3 Cold
grass blade8025 mus1swordUnavailY   +5 Melee          
Knob Goblin melon baller8025 mus1utensilCommonY   +8 Spell          
lead yo-yo8025 mox1yo-yo
Rib of the Bonerdagon8025 mus2staffAscCommonN+5+5 +15 Spell          
rusty grave robbing shovel8025 mus2polearmCommonY   +5 Spooky     -10    
savory crossbow8025 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +4           
savory staff8025 mus2staffCommonY +4            
savory sword8025 mus1swordCommonY+4             
spooky bicycle chain8025 mus1flailAscCommonY   +5 Spookyx2         
wholeberd8025 mus2polearmAscCommonY   +6 Melee          
can cannon7522 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +3+3 Melee +3        
chopsticks7523 mus1utensilCommonY   +12 Spell     +20    
squeaky staff7522 mus2staffCommonY +3   +6        
sword of static7522 mus1swordCommonY+3 +2          Regenerate 2-3 MP per adventure
wiffle-flail7522 mus2flailCommonY+2+3       +20    
25-meat staff7020 mus2staffCommonY              
flaming cardboard sword7020 mus1swordCommonY+3  +3 Melee
+3 Hot
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
Frost™ brand sword7020 mus1swordCommonY+3  +3 Cold +3        
homoerotic frat-paddle7020 mus1clubCommonY   +4 Sleaze          
Kentucky-fried meat crossbow7020 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +5           
Kentucky-fried meat staff7020 mus2staffCommonY +5            
Kentucky-fried meat sword7020 mus2swordCommonY+5             
Totally Gay Claymore6919 mus2swordUnavailN              
grease gun6517 mox1pistol
CommonY  +3+3 Melee
+3 Sleaze
repeating crossbow6517 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +2 x3         
bubblewrap crossbow6015 mox2crossbow
CommonY +2+3           
bubblewrap staff6015 mus2staffCommonY+2+3            
bubblewrap sword6015 mus1swordCommonY+3 +2           
cardboard crossbow6015 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +3+3 Melee          
cardboard staff6015 mus2staffCommonY +3 +3 Melee          
cardboard sword6015 mus1swordCommonY+3  +3 Melee          
dense meat crossbow6015 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +3           
dense meat staff6015 mus2staffCommonY +3            
dense meat sword6015 mus2swordCommonY+3             
diamond-studded cane6015 mus1clubCommonY  +5          Bonus for Disco Bandits only
eXtreme meat crossbow6015 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +7           
eXtreme meat staff6015 mus2staffCommonY +7            
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
eXtreme meat sword6015 mus2swordCommonY+7             
filthy pestle6015 mus1utensilCommonY   +7 Spell          
flaming crutch6015 mus1clubCommonY   +3 Hot          
glistening staff6015 mus2staffCommonY +2 +3 Sleaze          
Gnollish autoplunger6015 mus3spearCommonY +3            
Knob Goblin elite polearm6015 mus2polearmCommonY   +3 Melee          
muculent machete6015 mus1swordAscCommonY+2          +5  
ratarang6015 mox1boomerang
CommonY  +3+7 Ranged          
sabre teeth6015 mus1knifeCommonY   +4 Melee          
slightly peevedbow6015 mox2bow
styrofoam crossbow6015 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +3  +3        
styrofoam staff6015 mus2staffCommonY +3   +3        
styrofoam sword6015 mus1swordCommonY+3    +3        
wooden axe6015 mus2axeCommonY+3             
poutine pole5512 mus2staffAscCommonY +3 +3 Sleaze          
5-Alarm Saucepan5010 mys1saucepanCommonY +7           Bonus for Saucerors only
balloon sword5010 mus1swordCommonY   -2 Melee         Never Fumble
Bjorn's Hammer5010 mus1clubCommonY+7            Bonus for Seal Clubbers only
can of maces5010 mox1club
CommonY   +2 Melee      Sleaze: Slight   
Disco Banjo5010 mox2banjo
CommonY  +7          Bonus for Disco Bandits only
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
dripping meat crossbow5010 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +2           
dripping meat staff5010 mus2staffCommonY +2            
dripping meat sword5010 mus2swordCommonY+2             
Pasta of Peril5010 mys1utensilCommonY +7           Bonus for Pastamancers only
pestoblade5010 mus1swordCommonY+3  +3 Stench          
pixel sword5010 mus1swordCommonY         +15    
Rock and Roll Legend5010 mox2accordion
CommonY  +7          Bonus for Accordion Thieves only
Turtleslinger5010 mus1slingshotCommonY+7            Bonus for Turtle Tamers only
Unionize The Elves sign5010 mus1clubUnavailN             Successful hit weakens opponent
basic meat spork457 mus1utensilCommonY+3  +3 Melee          
curdflinger457 mox1crossbow
CommonY  +3          Successful hit weakens opponent
Gnollish nunchaku457 mus2flailUnavailN   +4 Melee          
calavera concertina405 mox2accordion
CommonY  +3           
pool cue40-2staffCommonY  +3           
rubber axe405 mus2axeCommonY   +2 Sleaze          
starchy crossbow405 mox1crossbow
CommonY  +3           
starchy staff405 mus2staffCommonY +3            
starchy sword405 mus1swordCommonY+3             
suede shortsword405 mus1swordCommonY              
white sword405 mus1swordCommonY+2             
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
Dr. Hobo's scalpel352 mus1knifeCommonY   +3 Melee
+1 Stench
Gnollish flyswatter352 mus1clubCommonY              
Gnollish plunger352 mus1spearCommonY              
jack flapper352 mus1utensilAscCommonY   +5 Spell          
spooky staff352 mus2staffCommonY +2 +2 Spooky          
cardboard katana30-1swordCommonY   +3 Melee          
cardboard wakizashi30-1swordCommonY      +2       
cheap plastic bottle opener30-1utensilUnavailY   +2 Sleaze          
Cloaca-Cola-issue combat knife30-1knifeCommonY             Drains MP on successful hit
grave robbing shovel30-2polearmCommonY   +3 Spooky     -10    
halfberd30-1polearmAscCommonY   +2 Melee          
huge mirror shard30-1knifeCommonN   +5 Melee          
Knob Goblin spatula30-1utensilCommonY   +4 Spell          
little paper umbrella30-1umbrellaCommonY   +1 Spell          
portable corkscrew30-1utensilUnavailY   +3 Melee
+3 Spell
shiny butcherknife30-1utensilCommonY   +5 Spell          
skeleton bone30-1clubCommonY   +1 Spooky          
spooky stick30-2staffCommonY   +2 Spooky          
Wand of Nagamar30-1wandCommonY              
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
eggbeater25-1utensilCommonY   +2 Spell          
Gnollish slotted spoon25-1utensilCommonY   +3 Spell          
palm-frond whip25-1whipCommonY   +30 Melee          
stone banjo25-2banjo
CommonY  +1           
wooden stakes25-2spearCommonY   +1 Melee          
basic meat crossbow205 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +1           
basic meat staff205 mus2staffCommonY +1            
basic meat sword205 mus2swordCommonY+1             
corn holder20-1utensilCommonY   +1 Spell          
dishrag20-1whipCommonY   +3 Stench          
gnauga hide whip20-1whipAscCommon*Y            +3 
Gnollish pie server20-1utensilCommonY   +3 Spell          
hippo whip20-1whipCommon*Y     +10        
Knob Goblin tongs20-1utensilCommonY   +2 Spell          
penguin whip20-1whipCommon*Y           +3  
sweet ninja sword20-1swordCommonY              
tiny ninja sword20-1swordAscCommonY  +1           
yak whip20-1whipCommon*Y             Successful hit weakens opponent
asparagus knife15-1knifeCommonY   +1 Stench          
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
Knob Goblin scimitar15-1swordCommonY+1             
bar whip10-1whipCommon*Y             +2 familiar weight
big stick10-2staffCommonY              
clown hammer10-1clubCommonG             Squeaky!
clown whip10-1whipCommon*Y          Sleaze: So-So   
cool whip10-1whipCommonY              
demon whip10-1whipCommon*Y   +3 Hot
+3 Sleaze
+3 Stench
disco ball10-1disco ball
pasta spoon10-1utensilCommonY              
seal-clubbing club10-1clubCommonY              
stolen accordion10-2accordion
tiny plastic sword10-1swordUnavailY  +1           
white whip10-1whipCommon*Y             +1 stat per fight