Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: UnavailableItems

This is a list of items which are, for whatever reason, not available by adventuring or purchasing normally. Some items have been discontinued, some were special one-time-only items, and some are available only by dispensation of Jick. Some of these items can still be obtained if you're willing to pay enough Meat, though many of them are nontradable. This page does not include the UltraRareItems, which are obtainable by adventuring (just with a very low probability).

For more information, see [WWW]Trog Dor's Museum of Rares, [WWW]MaxDemian's Rares of Loathing, or [WWW]Wormwood's Museum of Rares.

Donation items

Radio items

Special items from The Administration

Items from one-time special events

These items have come from special events which occurred only once, or for a fixed period of time. It is very unlikely that any of them will ever return to the Kingdom.

Items from recurring special events

These items are less unavailable than the ones listed above, as the events that you can obtain them on recur regularly in the KoL calendar.

Discontinued, hacked, or leaked items

Reinstated items

These items used to be unavailable, but were eventually implemented (or, in some cases, re-implemented) and are now available normally.