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St. Sneaky Pete's Day is a KoL holiday. It was first held on March 17, 2005 (coincidentally, St. Patrick's Day), which was Jarlsuary 8 on the KoL calendar, and reappeared one KoL year later on June 21, 2005. However, Jick then moved it into its permanent home on the KoL calendar, Starch 3, and it now appears regularly on that day, starting with October 6, 2005.

On St. Sneaky Pete's Day -- and only on this day -- you may make green beer by combining ice-cold beer (either kind) with a ten-leaf clover. (Attempting to make it on other days will fail.) The green beer provides 1-3 adventures and 1 drunkenness.

However, the green beer has an amazing property: you can continue to drink it even when you're falling down drunk. (Note that, contrary to what the main map may lead you to believe, you still become drunk at the same point as before -- 15 without Liver of Steel, or 20 with.) By drinking green beer, you can drink yourself all the way up to 25 drunkenness (without Liver of Steel) or 30 drunkenness (with). Green beer only has this special property on St. Sneaky Pete's day; on other days, it just acts like any other kind of booze would.

Furthermore, if you are drunk beyond 25, then adventuring will lead you not to a normal stupor, but to a special St. Sneaky Pete's Day Stupor. (You might think that it's impossible for characters without Liver of Steel to get the special stupor, but you would be wrong. There are other ways to raise your drunkenness -- for example, ! potions -- and so you can get your drunkenness over 25 that way, and then enjoy the special stupor.)

The first five St. Sneaky Pete's Days (the first four on the schedule above, and the fifth on March 17, 2006) were all the same (except for the traffic cones; see below). The sixth St. Sneaky Pete's Day happened to coincide with real-life Easter, and so merged into a StSneakyPeteOysterDay. The seventh St. Sneaky Pete's Day had some changes; see below. The 8th, 9th, and 10th were also different (the 10th falling on March 17, 2007). The 11th, occurring on May 5, 2007 (Cinco de Mayo), was a special South of the Border-themed St. Sneaky Pete's Day; see details below.

The possible stupors are as follows:

The seventh St. Sneaky Pete's Day saw the following changes:

Finally, the eighth, ninth, and tenth St. Sneaky Pete's Days were also slightly changed:

In order to get the Dangerously Inappropriate adventure, your character must be male, while in order to get the What Would You Do for Some Worthless Crap adventure, your character must be female.

The asterisked adventures require something special:

For the Cinco de Mayo St. Sneaky Pete's Day (May 5, 2007), a whole new set of adventures were added. Some (but not all) of the old adventures were still available, and one (Reach Out and Offend Someone) was changed for the occasion. Here's the full details:

The next St. Sneaky Pete's Day, on May 8, 2007, was the same as the Cinco de Mayo day but with the Cinco de Mayo adventures removed (although not for the first hour or so of the day), so the adventures were mostly normal, but there was only a reduced set.

In an especially clever bit from Jick, on the day after the first St. Sneaky Pete's Day, many adventurers woke up to find a traffic cone in their inventory. While no one can be 100% certain, it appears that getting the To The Rescue adventure is a prerequisite for getting the traffic cone (which makes sense, given the text of the adventure). Subsequent St. Sneaky Pete's days yielded different-colored cones: the second was a yellow traffic cone, the third a red traffic cone, and the fourth a green traffic cone. (At some point the original traffic cone became an orange traffic cone.) The fifth St. Sneaky Pete's day, which fell on St. Patrick's Day 2006, gave a blue traffic cone.

The seventh St. Sneaky Pete's Day yielded a blue ribbon if you got The Unkindest Cut.

The new items and effects have the following properties: