Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: HalloweenSpoilers

Halloween comes occasionally to the KoL world. It first came on Halloween 2004 (as a three day event from 10/30/04-11/1/04). It also came on Porktober 8 (11/17/04), which is Halloween in the KoL calendar. Jick has confirmed that it will continue to happen on both real-life Halloween and KoL Halloween.

During Halloween, you can go trick-or-treating in Seaside Town. To trick-or-treat, first you need to put on an outfit. Then you can get candy!

No matter what outfit you wear, you can always encounter these four people:

Then, depending on what outfit you're wearing, you might encounter one of these people.

Ascension outfits

According to reports, wearing the radio gear brings nothing special (not the radio button candy, as one might assume). This is apparently because Jick doesn't want to give an unfair advantage to people who have the Radio Free Regalia.

There used to be a different generic adventure, the Market Demon (+2-4 Meat). It was retired and replaced by the Armorer/Leggerer sometime around the beginning of 2007.

Here are the effects of the items:

And here's the effects of the new effects: