Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: ClownCostume

The Clown Costume consists of five items: a foolscap fool's cap, bloody clown pants, a big red clown nose, clown shoes, and a polka-dot bowtie.

All five of these items are available at the "Fun" House. However, the polka-dot bowtie can only be obtained from pickpocketing -- it does not drop normally at the end of combat.

The Clown Costume is a "hidden" outfit -- it does not appear in the list of outfits that you can select, nor do the pieces tell you that they are part of an outfit. In order to equip it, you must equip all five pieces manually.

The Clown Costume changes your avatar and gives you a tattoo like a normal outfit. However, it does not count as a costume for trick-or-treating purposes on Halloween. It is unknown whether it has any further effects.

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