Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: EasterSpoilers

Easter came to the KoL world on 3/27/05 (which also happened to be Easter in the real world). The second appearance of Easter was 7/09/05, which is April 2 on the KoL calendar; Jick has indicated that it will recur on this day on the KoL calendar. And indeed it did on its third appearance on 10/13/05.

On KoL Easter (which is called Oyster Egg Day), the Enchanted Flying Oyster has dropped magical eggs all over the kingdom. To find these eggs, you first need to purchase a basket from the Demon Market, and then equip it. With a basket equipped, you may then adventure, and occasionally during your adventures you will find an Oyster egg! (Note that finding an oyster egg doesn't use up an adventure itself. Thanks to Hellion for this clarification.) Nearly every area (with a few exceptions) has Oyster eggs hidden in it. It seems like you find eggs less frequently as your search progresses, presumably because it becomes harder to find them.

The basket may be untinkered into a tisket and a tasket, although this doesn't seem to have any purpose (other than providing a chuckle).

The eggs come in 32 different varieties. In any given area, you will only find one particular kind of egg, although a given kind of egg may be found in more than one area. There are 4 possible patterns (striped, paisley, polka-dot, and plastic), and 8 possible colors (black, blue, lavender, mauve, off-white, puce, red, and yellow).

The effects of the eggs are determined by their pattern and color as follows. Striped, paisley, and polka-dot eggs will give a boost to your muscle, mysticality, and moxie, respectively, when you eat them. Black, blue, lavender, mauve, off-white, puce, red, and yellow eggs will give the Egg-stortionaty Tactics effect, MP, Moxie, Mysticality, the Eggs-tra Sensory Perception effect, Muscle, a stat boost effect, and HP, respectively. The total effect for an egg is determined by combining the effect of the pattern with the effect of the color. This is all spelled out in more detail below. Plastic eggs are not eaten, but rather used in combat; they have effects which are similar to those determined by color, but which are slightly different. Again, this is described in more detail below.

Like all stat boosters, the eggs fall under the 15-item limit for spleen damage, so if you've already eaten 15 moxie weeds, you can't eat any eggs, and if you eat the limit of 15 eggs in a day, you can't eat any moxie weeds (or other stat boosters). Plastic eggs don't count against the limit.

The egg locations have changed! Rather than try to compile my own list again, I'll just point you to [WWW]Jinya's eggs page, which has the updated information.

Here's the effects of each pattern and color. To find the effects of a particular egg, combine the effects for its pattern and color.

As mentioned before, the plastic eggs are used in combat, but they have effects similar to other eggs with their pattern. Here's the full list:

And finally, here's the effects (or should I say eff-egg-ts? No, I should not) that you can get from the eggs: