Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: UltraRareItems

There are currently 9 known ultra-rare items in the Kingdom. Four of them (hypnodisk, crazy bastard sword, Talisman of Baio, and incredibly dense meat gem) first appeared in late 2004, while a fifth (the hockey stick of furious angry rage) showed up with Ascension. The Talisman of Bakula appeared on April Fool's Day 2006, but was actually a permanent addition, while the Platinum Yendorian Express Card showed up in July 2006. The 17-ball was added in September 2006 with Spookyraven Manor, and the Counterclockwise Watch in January 2007.

As the name implies, these items drop normally in encounters, but the encounters have a very, very low probability of happening to any given person. Many theories have been developed about if there are any other factors which might affect this probability (number of adventures taken, time of day, other players, or who knows what other factor), but as far as anyone knows, it might as well be completely random.

  • hypnodisk (off-hand item; +25% item drops from monsters)
  • crazy bastard sword (weapon; 75 power; requires 22 muscle; +5 muscle, +15 melee damage, 3x chance of critical hit)
  • Talisman of Baio (accessory; all attributes increase with moonlight)
  • incredibly dense meat gem (accessory; +25% meat drops from monsters, +5 moxie, +10 maximum MP)
  • hockey stick of furious angry rage (accessory; requires 35 Mysticality; +30 to monster level, +5% Muscle)
  • Talisman of Bakula (accessory; enchantment: Hemophilia)
  • Platinum Yendorian Express Card (item; increases duration of all effects by 5 turns and recharges all MP; usable once/day)
  • 17-ball (off-hand item; +10 spooky damage, +10 stench damage, +10 hot damage, +10 cold damage, +10 sleaze damage)
  • Counterclockwise Watch (accessory; +10 adventures/day (one only))
  • The current accepted locations of the items (though I haven't confirmed any of this first-hand, obviously) are:

    Also, it has been reported that if you fight an ultra-rare monster and lose, you get a consolation ribbon. (Thanks to Ghu for reporting this!)

    Thanks to all who contributed information on this!

    Bashy has posted [WWW]this explanation which may help in understanding the mechanism behind getting these ultra-rares. Then again, it may not.

    There is also one other rare item, a spooky hockey mask. It is not as rare as the other five, but is still very difficult to obtain. The way to get it is quite simple: just rest at your campground. Occasionally, you'll get an appropriate dream, and sometimes, that dream will leave an item behind!

    (For a short while, there was also a beet, which was rumored to have dropped the same way as the hockey mask but was even rarer. However, Jick said in a radio show that he had taken the beets out, so they are no longer currently available at all.)