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This is a list of all weapons known to me. The meaning of the columns is as follows:

There are 234 weapons in this list.

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Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
cardboard wakizashi30-1swordCommonY      +2       
antique spear20085 mus1polearmCommonY         -30   Successful hit weakens opponent
Bigger Bugfinder Blade20085 mus2swordUnavailN+11+11+11           
fetus-smashing club20085 mus2clubUnavailN              
Mjolnir Jr.20085 mus1utensilUnavailN              
Bugfinder Blade18075 mus2swordUnavailN+7+7+7           
plexiglass pike pike18075 mus2spearAscRewardN+30%  +25 Melee         +10 PvP fights/day
toy ray gun17572 mox
(one only)
UnavailY   +5 Hotx2         
denim axe17070 mus2axeCommonY+10  +10 Melee          
happiness16567 mus1pistol
CommonY   +12 Hot          
Maxwell's Silver Hammer16567 mus1clubCommonY +10 +10 Melee          
pygmy spear16567 mus1spearCommonY+7             
star crossbow16567 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +8           
star staff16567 mus2staffCommonY +8            
star sword16567 mus2swordCommonY+8             
arse-shooting crossbow16065 mox2crossbow
black sword16065 mus1swordCommonY   +7 Meleex3         
pointed stick16065 mus1spearCommonY   +10 Meleex2         
giant discarded plastic fork15562 mus3staffCommonY    x2    -10    
automatic catapult15060 mox2autopult
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
bill bec-de-bardiche glaive-guisarme15060 mus2polearm?CommonY              
bugbear-smiting sword15060 mus2swordUnavailN+10  +10 Melee          
drywall axe15060 mus2axeCommonY+2
especially homoerotic frat-paddle15060 mus1clubUnavailN             deleted from database
giant needle15060 mus2spearCommonY     +5        
heteroerotic frat-paddle15060 mus1clubUnavailY              
Radio Free Foil15060 mus2swordUnavailY+20*            Effect: Shiny Happy Weapon
star spatula15060 mus1utensilCommonY   +15 Spell          
batblade14557 mus1knifeCommonY   +15 Melee          
ridiculously huge sword14055 mus3swordCommonY+4  +12 Melee          
broken sword13552 mus1swordCommonY          Spooky: Slight   
carob cannon13545 mox2crossbow
Common*Y  +7+5 Stench         +3 adventures/day
hairy staff13545 mus2staffCommon*Y +7 +7 Spell         Regenerate 5-7 MP per adventure
ram-battering staff13552 mus2staffCommonY  +5+10 Hot Spell          
Spirit Precipice13545 mus2swordCommon*Y+7+5  x5         
star boomerang13552 mox1boomerang
CommonY  +5           
star stiletto13552 mus1daggerCommonY+5             
hot cross bow13045 mox2crossbow
Common*Y+5 +7+5 Hot          
lucky ball-and-chain13050 mox2flail
sword behind inappropriate prepositions13045 mus2swordCommon*Y+7            +5 adventures/day
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
titanium assault umbrella13050 mus1umbrellaCommonY          All: Slight   
crazy bastard sword12525 mus1swordRareY+10  +15 Meleex3         
ga-ga radio12547 mox2radio
CommonY   +5 Melee    +20    +1 stat per fight
Grimacite glaive12547 mus2polearmUnavailY+0-50%  +15 Melee         Varies with Grimace
meatspout staff12545 mus2staffCommon*Y +7         +15 +3 adventures/day
pitchfork12547 mus1spearCommonY   +9 Melee          
projectile icemaker12545 mox2crossbow
Common*Y  +7+7 Spell
+5 Cold
shuddersword12545 mus2swordCommon*Y+7  +7 Spell
+5 Spooky
smoldering staff12545 mus2staffCommon*Y +7+5+11 Stench Spell          
asbestos sword12045 mus2swordCommon*Y+7+5            
buffalo blade12045 mus2swordCommonY+5  +3 Hot
+2 Sleaze
chrome crossbow12045 mox2crossbow
Common*Y  +7          +3 adventures/day
giant cheesestick12045 mus2staffCommonY +5 +11 Sleaze Spell          
heavy metal thunderrr guitarrr12045 mox2axe
CommonY   +11 Melee          
linoleum staff12045 mus2staffCommon*Y +7 +7 Spell          
potato pistol12045 mox1pistol
CommonY  +5+5 Sleaze          
silver shrimp fork12045 mys1utensilCommonY   +14 Spell
+5 Melee
two-handed depthsword12045 mus2swordCommonY              
lupine sword11542 mus1swordCommonY   +9 Spooky          
ram stick11542 mus2staffCommonY  +5           
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
serpentine sword11542 mus1swordCommonY     +10        
asbestos crossbow11040 mox2crossbow
Common*Y+5 +7           
chrome staff11040 mus2staffCommon*Y +7           +3 adventures/day
iron pasta spoon11040 mus1utensilCommonY   +10 Spell          
linoleum sword11040 mus2swordCommon*Y+7  +7 Spell          
sack of doorknobs11040 mox2sack
acoustic guitarrr10035 mox2guitar
CommonY           +2  
asbestos staff10035 mus2staffCommon*Y +7+5           
bamboo bokuto10035 mus1swordCommonY              
bow staff10035 mus2staffUnavailY +5 +3 Melee          
can of fake snow10035 mox1can
UnavailY   +5 Cold          
chrome sword10035 mus2swordCommon*Y+7            +3 adventures/day
Crimbo sword10035 mus2swordUnavailY   +5 Melee          
duck-on-a-string10035 mus1flailUnavailY   +5 Melee        +5 
flaming juggler's balls100-1euphemisms
UnavailY   +10 Hot         +2 stats per fight
goulauncher10035 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +4+5 Spooky          
ice sickle100-1knifeUnavailY   +5 Cold +15        
linoleum crossbow10035 mox2crossbow
Common*Y  +7+7 Spell          
Mafia violin case10035 mus1clubUnavailN+20  +30 Melee          
oversized pizza cutter10035 mus1utensilCommonY   +13 Spell          
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
prehistoric spear10035 mox1throwing spear
UnavailY    x2         
ridiculously overelaborate ninja weapon10035 mus3...weaponCommonY    x3        3x chance of fumble
soylent staff10035 mus2staffCommonY +4 +10 Spell          
spiked femur10035 mus1clubCommonY   +6 Spooky          
Super Magic Power Sword X10035 mus1swordCommonY+4   x2    +20    
time sword10035 mus1swordUnavailY             +3 adventures/day
Tropical Crimbo Sword10035 mus1swordUnavailY   +5 Melee          
vampire duck-on-a-string10035 mus1flailUnavailY   +5 Melee        +5 
Cerebral Crossbow9030 mox1crossbow
CommonY   +3 Cold
+3 Spooky
+3 Sleaze
huge spoon9030 mus1utensilCommonY   +10 Spell          
icy-hot katana9030 mus2swordCommonY   +3 Hot
+3 Cold
kneecapping stick9030 mus1clubCommonY    x3         
ninja mop9030 mus2polearmCommonY   +5 Melee          
stainless steel shillelagh9030 mus1clubAscRewardN+15%  +20 Meleex4         
vorpal blade9030 mus1swordCommonY    x2         
7-Foot Dwarven mattock8025 mus2axeCommonY             Successful hit weakens opponent
bubble bauble bow8025 mox2bow
CommonY +2+3         +5 
clockwork crossbow8025 mox1crossbow
AscCommonY   +10 Rangedx3        Critical hit weakens opponent
clockwork staff8025 mys2staffAscCommonY   +10 Spellx3        Critical hit restores 3-24 MP
clockwork sword8025 mus2swordAscCommonY   +10 Meleex3        Critical hit heals 3-24 HP
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
Crimbo ukelele8020 mox2guitar
UnavailY            +10 
crowbarrr8025 mus2staffCommonY         +15    
flypaper staff8020 mus2staffAscCommonY +3 +3 Melee
+3 Spooky
frozen nunchaku8025 mus2flailCommonY   +3 Melee
+3 Cold
grass blade8025 mus1swordUnavailY   +5 Melee          
Knob Goblin melon baller8025 mus1utensilCommonY   +8 Spell          
lead yo-yo8025 mox1yo-yo
Rib of the Bonerdagon8025 mus2staffAscCommonN+5+5 +15 Spell          
rusty grave robbing shovel8025 mus2polearmCommonY   +5 Spooky     -10    
savory crossbow8025 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +4           
savory staff8025 mus2staffCommonY +4            
savory sword8025 mus1swordCommonY+4             
spooky bicycle chain8025 mus1flailAscCommonY   +5 Spookyx2         
wholeberd8025 mus2polearmAscCommonY   +6 Melee          
can cannon7522 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +3+3 Melee +3        
chopsticks7523 mus1utensilCommonY   +12 Spell     +20    
squeaky staff7522 mus2staffCommonY +3   +6        
sword of static7522 mus1swordCommonY+3 +2          Regenerate 2-3 MP per adventure
wiffle-flail7522 mus2flailCommonY+2+3       +20    
25-meat staff7020 mus2staffCommonY              
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
flaming cardboard sword7020 mus1swordCommonY+3  +3 Melee
+3 Hot
Frost™ brand sword7020 mus1swordCommonY+3  +3 Cold +3        
homoerotic frat-paddle7020 mus1clubCommonY   +4 Sleaze          
Kentucky-fried meat crossbow7020 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +5           
Kentucky-fried meat staff7020 mus2staffCommonY +5            
Kentucky-fried meat sword7020 mus2swordCommonY+5             
Totally Gay Claymore6919 mus2swordUnavailN              
grease gun6517 mox1pistol
CommonY  +3+3 Melee
+3 Sleaze
repeating crossbow6517 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +2 x3         
bubblewrap crossbow6015 mox2crossbow
CommonY +2+3           
bubblewrap staff6015 mus2staffCommonY+2+3            
bubblewrap sword6015 mus1swordCommonY+3 +2           
cardboard crossbow6015 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +3+3 Melee          
cardboard staff6015 mus2staffCommonY +3 +3 Melee          
cardboard sword6015 mus1swordCommonY+3  +3 Melee          
dense meat crossbow6015 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +3           
dense meat staff6015 mus2staffCommonY +3            
dense meat sword6015 mus2swordCommonY+3             
diamond-studded cane6015 mus1clubCommonY  +5          Bonus for Disco Bandits only
eXtreme meat crossbow6015 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +7           
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
eXtreme meat staff6015 mus2staffCommonY +7            
eXtreme meat sword6015 mus2swordCommonY+7             
filthy pestle6015 mus1utensilCommonY   +7 Spell          
flaming crutch6015 mus1clubCommonY   +3 Hot          
glistening staff6015 mus2staffCommonY +2 +3 Sleaze          
Gnollish autoplunger6015 mus3spearCommonY +3            
Knob Goblin elite polearm6015 mus2polearmCommonY   +3 Melee          
muculent machete6015 mus1swordAscCommonY+2          +5  
ratarang6015 mox1boomerang
CommonY  +3+7 Ranged          
sabre teeth6015 mus1knifeCommonY   +4 Melee          
slightly peevedbow6015 mox2bow
styrofoam crossbow6015 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +3  +3        
styrofoam staff6015 mus2staffCommonY +3   +3        
styrofoam sword6015 mus1swordCommonY+3    +3        
wooden axe6015 mus2axeCommonY+3             
poutine pole5512 mus2staffAscCommonY +3 +3 Sleaze          
5-Alarm Saucepan5010 mys1saucepanCommonY +7           Bonus for Saucerors only
balloon sword5010 mus1swordCommonY   -2 Melee         Never Fumble
Bjorn's Hammer5010 mus1clubCommonY+7            Bonus for Seal Clubbers only
can of maces5010 mox1club
CommonY   +2 Melee      Sleaze: Slight   
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
Disco Banjo5010 mox2banjo
CommonY  +7          Bonus for Disco Bandits only
dripping meat crossbow5010 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +2           
dripping meat staff5010 mus2staffCommonY +2            
dripping meat sword5010 mus2swordCommonY+2             
Pasta of Peril5010 mys1utensilCommonY +7           Bonus for Pastamancers only
pestoblade5010 mus1swordCommonY+3  +3 Stench          
pixel sword5010 mus1swordCommonY         +15    
Rock and Roll Legend5010 mox2accordion
CommonY  +7          Bonus for Accordion Thieves only
Turtleslinger5010 mus1slingshotCommonY+7            Bonus for Turtle Tamers only
Unionize The Elves sign5010 mus1clubUnavailN             Successful hit weakens opponent
basic meat spork457 mus1utensilCommonY+3  +3 Melee          
curdflinger457 mox1crossbow
CommonY  +3          Successful hit weakens opponent
Gnollish nunchaku457 mus2flailUnavailN   +4 Melee          
calavera concertina405 mox2accordion
CommonY  +3           
pool cue40-2staffCommonY  +3           
rubber axe405 mus2axeCommonY   +2 Sleaze          
starchy crossbow405 mox1crossbow
CommonY  +3           
starchy staff405 mus2staffCommonY +3            
starchy sword405 mus1swordCommonY+3             
suede shortsword405 mus1swordCommonY              
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
white sword405 mus1swordCommonY+2             
Dr. Hobo's scalpel352 mus1knifeCommonY   +3 Melee
+1 Stench
Gnollish flyswatter352 mus1clubCommonY              
Gnollish plunger352 mus1spearCommonY              
jack flapper352 mus1utensilAscCommonY   +5 Spell          
spooky staff352 mus2staffCommonY +2 +2 Spooky          
cardboard katana30-1swordCommonY   +3 Melee          
cheap plastic bottle opener30-1utensilUnavailY   +2 Sleaze          
Cloaca-Cola-issue combat knife30-1knifeCommonY             Drains MP on successful hit
grave robbing shovel30-2polearmCommonY   +3 Spooky     -10    
halfberd30-1polearmAscCommonY   +2 Melee          
huge mirror shard30-1knifeCommonN   +5 Melee          
Knob Goblin spatula30-1utensilCommonY   +4 Spell          
little paper umbrella30-1umbrellaCommonY   +1 Spell          
portable corkscrew30-1utensilUnavailY   +3 Melee
+3 Spell
shiny butcherknife30-1utensilCommonY   +5 Spell          
skeleton bone30-1clubCommonY   +1 Spooky          
spooky stick30-2staffCommonY   +2 Spooky          
Wand of Nagamar30-1wandCommonY              
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
eggbeater25-1utensilCommonY   +2 Spell          
Gnollish slotted spoon25-1utensilCommonY   +3 Spell          
palm-frond whip25-1whipCommonY   +30 Melee          
stone banjo25-2banjo
CommonY  +1           
wooden stakes25-2spearCommonY   +1 Melee          
basic meat crossbow205 mox2crossbow
CommonY  +1           
basic meat staff205 mus2staffCommonY +1            
basic meat sword205 mus2swordCommonY+1             
corn holder20-1utensilCommonY   +1 Spell          
dishrag20-1whipCommonY   +3 Stench          
gnauga hide whip20-1whipAscCommon*Y            +3 
Gnollish pie server20-1utensilCommonY   +3 Spell          
hippo whip20-1whipCommon*Y     +10        
Knob Goblin tongs20-1utensilCommonY   +2 Spell          
penguin whip20-1whipCommon*Y           +3  
sweet ninja sword20-1swordCommonY              
tiny ninja sword20-1swordAscCommonY  +1           
yak whip20-1whipCommon*Y             Successful hit weakens opponent
asparagus knife15-1knifeCommonY   +1 Stench          
Weapon Name Pow Req H Type Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Crit ML DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
Knob Goblin scimitar15-1swordCommonY+1             
bar whip10-1whipCommon*Y             +2 familiar weight
big stick10-2staffCommonY              
clown hammer10-1clubCommonG             Squeaky!
clown whip10-1whipCommon*Y          Sleaze: So-So   
cool whip10-1whipCommonY              
demon whip10-1whipCommon*Y   +3 Hot
+3 Sleaze
+3 Stench
disco ball10-1disco ball
pasta spoon10-1utensilCommonY              
seal-clubbing club10-1clubCommonY              
stolen accordion10-2accordion
tiny plastic sword10-1swordUnavailY  +1           
white whip10-1whipCommon*Y             +1 stat per fight