Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: EffectsList

Here are some effects. Note that if a stat is affected by multiple effects, then effects which equalize it to the level of another stat are applied first, then any percentage effects, then any +/- modifiers. Also, fractions are always rounded up.

Effects from items

Intrinsic effects from equipment

Skills & buffs

Only skills and buffs which produce an effect are listed here (this is EffectsList, after all). See SkillsList for a complete listing of all skills for all classes, what they cost, and what they do.

A note on Accordion Thief buffs: In order to cast an AT buff, you must have an accordion in your inventory. The duration of the buffs depends on the type of accordion: a stolen accordion will produce 5 adventures, a calavera concertina 7 adventures, and a Rock and Roll Legend 15 adventures. An opera mask will increase these durations by 40%, but the mask will be destroyed after casting. Also, only three AT buffs may be active on a player at one time. Any attempt to cast more AT buffs on a player who already has three will fail.


Note on ! potions: There are nine ! potions: bubbly, cloudy, dark, effervescent, fizzy, milky, murky, smoky, and swirly. These give the following nine effects: Confused (x20), Izchak's Blessing (x10), Object Detection (x10), Sleepy (x20), Strange Mental Acuity (x10), Strength of Ten Ettins (x10), Teleportitis (x10), +1-3 drunkenness, or +14-16 HP and MP. However, the correspondence between potion and effect is different for each player (and changes when you ascend), so the only way to find out what each does is by experimenting.

Note on Yummy Tummy beans: A Yummy Tummy bean gives you 3 turns of the Sugar Rush effect, along with one other random effect which is randomly determined when you eat it. The possibilities are: nothing, +1 drunkenness, +2-3 HP, +2-3 MP, Apathy (x5), Contemptible Emanations (x5), Enraged (x5), Poisoned (x5), Rainy Soul Miasma (x5), Sleepy (x5), Uncertain (x5), or Wussiness (x5).