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This lists all of the current known skills in the game. Most skills are offered to you by your guild trainer and are class-specific. These are listed in the six categories below. There are also some skills obtained in other ways; these are listed after the guild skills.

The number in parentheses before the skill name indicates the level of the skill. This is the level that you must be before the skill is offered to you at the guild (you always start with the appropriate 0-level skill for your class). The cost of a skill is determined by its level as follows: for skills of level less than 5, the cost is 200*level*level. For skills of level 5 or greater, the cost is 1000*level. (Thus, the costs are: 200, 800, 1800, 3200, 5000, 6000, etc.)

The Rye has also made a nice list of skills [WWW]here.

Skills fall into the following categories:

Seal Clubber skills

Seal Clubbers also have one "deprecated" skill, Lunge-Smack, which is no longer available at the Guild. It is a combat skill costing 5 MP which is essentially identical to the Lunging Thrust-Smack (but presumably doesn't benefit from the Eye of the Stoat).

Turtle Tamer skills

Turtle Tamers can also combine some or all of Headbutt, Kneebutt, and Shieldbutt together into a single attack, for a slight increase in total MP cost. Only Turtle Tamers can do this -- other classes cannot, even if they have kept these skills. The costs are as follows:

Pastamancer skills

Sauceror skills

Big thanks to pcentella for working out the Sauceror damage formulas (I just verified them). See [WWW]this forum thread for the original discussion.

Disco Bandit skills

Accordion Thief skills

Note: Accordion Thief buffs last for 5 turns by default, but for 7 turns if you have a calavera concertina and for 15 turns if you have a Rock and Roll Legend in your inventory when casting them. When wearing an opera mask, these durations are increased by 40%, but the opera mask is destroyed after the casting.

Spookyraven skills

These skills are obtained by completing the Spookyraven Manor quest. Each class has its own skill which it will receive upon completion.

Gnomish skills

These skills are obtained from Fragnk, the Renaissance Gnome. He is available only to those who have Ascended under a Moxie sign. Each Gnome skill costs 5000 Meat.

Miscellaneous skills

Note that Moxious Maneuver, Liver of Steel, Stomach of Steel, and Spleen of Steel cannot be kept as permanent skills in Ascension.

Skills of the Month

These skills are obtained by purchasing and using an Item of the Month in certain months. They are automatically hardcore permanent when obtained.

Temporary skills

These skills are granted by having a particular item or effect. The ability to use them lasts only as long as you are wearing the item or have the effect. Obviously, these skills can never be made permanent.