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Snowcones are a new feature introduced in January 2006. You can buy a tome of snowcone summoning at Mr. Store for 1 Mr. Accessory; when you use the tome, you immediately gain a new skill, Summon Snowcone. (Summon Snowcone also instantly becomes hardcore permanent when you acquire it, so you don't have to worry about saving it over Ascension -- it'll always stay with your character.) Summon Snowcone may be used once per day, and costs 5 MP to cast. When you cast it, you get either three randomly-colored snowcones (it appears that they'll always be different colors), or one black snowcone (which is much rarer).

There are six colors of snowcone (as promised in the description):

Snowcones are items, not food or drink, so they can be consumed without increasing your fullness or drunkenness. However, you cannot consume another snowcone when you already have a snowcone effect in effect, so you're limited to one effect at a time. Each snowcone gives you an effect, which lasts 20 turns. The effects are as follows: