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This page is outdated. Check out the new sortable accessory list at AccessoryListByName.

This is a list of all accessories known to me. I have checked each of these accessories first-hand to verify their statistics. Brackets indicate accessories not available, as far as I know, through normal means (see UnavailableItems for more details). (A) indicates an ascension item; see AscensionSpoilers for more information. Accessories are sorted into categories of what they affect, then in descending order of effectiveness.

Most accessories have a minimum Mysticality requirement. Also, there are two important things to note about combining the effects of accessories:

Important note: This list only has the "official" effects; that is, effects which are listed in the item description. Some accessories have "unlisted" effects, however; these are listed in AccessorySpoilers, to avoid being too spoilery.

stat boosters


tiny plastic figurines

Tiny plastic figurines come in two sets. The first set ("Series 1") consists of 32 figurines, which can be obtained by eating a Lucky Surprise Egg (cook a cocoa egg with a ten-leaf clover). The second set ("Series 1C") consists of 5 figurines, which were given out in Advent Calendars during Crimbo 2005. Doll houses will give a selection of figurines from both sets. The letter indicates the degree of rarity (C=common, U=uncommon, and R=rare).

The tiny plastic familiars are not like the familiar accessories: a tiny plastic mosquito gives +1 to the level of whatever familiar is with you, not just a mosquito. So they're all completely interchangeable, functionally speaking.

Series 1

Series 1C

other accessories

unspecified function or no function (Note: Many of these have "unlisted" functions. See AccessorySpoilers for more details.)