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This is a list of all accessories known to me. The meaning of the columns is as follows:

There are 262 accessories in this list.

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Accessory Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR Crit ML MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
acid-squirting flower10 mys
(one only)
CommonY               Damages attacking opponent
amulet of extreme plot significance35 mysCommonY         +30      
arrrgyle socks20 mysCommonY +6              
baconstone bracelet10 mys
(one only)
UnavailY +2            -1 
baconstone earring10 mys
(one only)
AscCommonY +2            -1 
baconstone pendant10 mysAscCommonY +4 +10 Spell            
baconstone ring10 mys
(one only)
AscCommonY +5       +10     Regenerate 2-4 MP per adventure
badass belt35 mysCommonN+5+5+5             
Baron Von Ratsworth's money clip-
(one only)
AscCommonN            +15   
Baron Von Ratsworth's monocle-
(one only)
AscCommonN             +10  
beach glass necklace20 mysCommonY+5               
beer goggles-CommonY               They Do Nothing!
bejeweled accordion strap-CommonY        +25+25     Bonus for Accordion Thieves only
big red clown nose10 mysCommonY        +7       
black belt60 mys
(one only)
Common*Y+7  +7 Melee            
blackberry combat boots75 mus
(one only)
CommonY+10  +5 Melee    +45       
blackberry moccasins75 mys
(one only)
CommonY  +8  +3    +25     
blackberry slippers75 mysCommonY +10 +10 Spell
+5% Spell
bling-bling7 mysCommonY  +1             
blue ribbon-UnavailN        +5       
Accessory Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR Crit ML MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
Bonerdagon necklace25 mysAscCommonN+5 +5       +30     
Boris's ring25 mysCommonY+10               
Boss Bat Bling17 mysAscCommonN+3 +3             
bottlecap turtle12 mysCommonY +1       +3      
Cape of the Goblin King20 mysAscCommonN  +7             
Cat-Herding Prod-UnavailN+15+15+15            +10 damage vs. lions
cement shoes35 mysUnavailY +20+20            Effect: Sleeping with the Fishes
charrrm bracelet20 mysCommonY  +5             
chintzy accordion pin-
(one only)
CommonY +6+12            Bonus for Accordion Thieves only
chintzy disco ball pendant-
(one only)
CommonY+6 +12            Bonus for Disco Bandits only
chintzy noodle ring-
(one only)
CommonY+6+12             Bonus for Pastamancers only
chintzy saucepan earring-
(one only)
CommonY +12+6            Bonus for Saucerors only
chintzy seal pendant-
(one only)
CommonY+12 +6            Bonus for Seal Clubbers only
chintzy turtle brooch-
(one only)
CommonY+12+6             Bonus for Turtle Tamers only
clown shoes10 mysCommonY         +7      
clownskin belt10 mysCommonY         +15      
colored-light "necklace"35 mysUnavailY         +15      
consolation ribbon-RareY+1+1+1             
Counterclockwise Watch-
(one only)
RareY               +10 adventures/day
dead guy's watch10 mys
(one only)
CommonY               +1 adventure/day
Accessory Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR Crit ML MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
dirty hobo gloves-
(one only)
CommonY   +2 Stench            
disbelief suspenders10 mysAscCommonY           Sleaze: Slight    
disembodied smile-
(one only)
CommonY   +2 Spooky            
Dyspepsi-Cola-issue canteen-
(one only)
CommonY         +5     Enhances effect of cola
enchanted toothpick25 mys
(one only)
AscCommonY   +12 Spell            
evil flaming eyeball pendant-
(one only)
UnavailY          +15 +15   
exclusive ultra-rare item-UnavailN+15+15+15             
eXtreme mittens40 mysCommonY   +2 Melee            
eXtreme nose ring10 mysCommonY+4+4+4             
furry green earmuffs7 mysCommon*Y           Cold: Slight    
fuzzy bracelets-UnavailN+15+15+15             
giant pinky ring35 mys
(one only)
CommonY               75% chance of preventing negative status attacks
glowing red eye60 mysCommonY           Spooky: So-So    
gnatwing earring30 mysCommonY +6        +15     
gnoll-tooth necklace10 mysCommonY+5               
Golden Mr. Accessory-UnavailN+15+15+15            Cast Smile of Mr. A 5x/day
green glowstick-UnavailN  -3      +5      
Grimacite galoshes17 mysUnavailY  +0-50%         +25  Varies with Grimace
Grimacite garter17 mysUnavailY +0-50% +15 Spell           Varies with Grimace
Grimacite gorget17 mysUnavailY+0-50%            +25 Varies with Grimace
Accessory Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR Crit ML MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
hamethyst bracelet10 mys
(one only)
UnavailY+3     x3         
hamethyst earring10 mysAscCommonY+3     x3         
hamethyst necklace10 mys
(one only)
AscCommonY+4  +5 Melee           +3 PvP fights/day
hamethyst ring10 mys
(one only)
AscCommonY+5       +10      Regenerate 2-4 HP per adventure
headhunter necktie65 mys
(one only)
CommonY+15 -3             
hemp string20 mysCommonY                
hockey stick of furious angry rage35 mysRareY+5%      +30        
ice skates-
(one only)
UnavailY          +15 +15   
imitation nice watch35 mys
(one only)
UnavailY               +3 adventures/day
incredibly dense meat gem-RareY  +5      +10  +25   
infernal insoles15 mysCommonY          +10Hot: Slight    
intergalactic pom poms-UnavailN  +20       +30     
Item #13-UnavailY                
Jarlsberg's earring25 mysCommonY +10              
Jekyllin hide belt-UnavailY+3-9+3-9+3-9          +15-45 Varies with moonlight
Junior LAAAAME merit badge-UnavailN+1+1+1             
knobby kneepads-Common*Y   +3 Melee            
ladle of mystery-CommonY        +20+20     Bonus for Saucerors only
Lord Spookyraven's spectacles-CommonN                
lucky Crimbo tiki necklace-UnavailY               Brings good luck!
Accessory Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR Crit ML MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
lucky rabbit's foot-CommonY            +7+7  
Mafia bow tie35 mysUnavailY+20 +20             
Mafia stogie35 mysUnavailY+20+20              
MagiMechTech NanoMechaMech-
(one only)
UnavailY               Attacks monsters during combat
makeshift cape35 mysCommonY             +5  
makeshift SCUBA gear-CommonY   -10 Melee       Stench: So-So    
monster bait-
(one only)
CommonY               Monsters will be more attracted to you
Mr. Accessory-UnavailY+15+15+15             
Mr. Accessory Jr.-UnavailY+5+5+5          +25  
Mr. Eh?-UnavailY+13+13+13             
Mr. Exploiter-UnavailN                
Ms. Accessory-UnavailY+15+15+15             
orange glowstick-UnavailN  -3      +5      
peace-sign necklace20 mysCommonY     +3          
phat turquoise bracelet20 mysCommonY +5              
Pine-Fresh air freshener10 mysCommonY           Stench: Slight    
pink glowstick-UnavailN  -3      +5      
plexiglass pendant75 mys
(one only)
AscRewardN  +30%            Never fumble
Keep 4 songs in your head
plexiglass pinky ring75 mys
(one only)
AscRewardN +30% +30 Spell       All: Serious    
plexiglass pocketwatch75 mys
(one only)
AscRewardN +30%            -3+3 adventures/day
Accessory Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR Crit ML MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
polka-dot bowtie10 mysCommonY  +3             
porquoise bracelet10 mysUnavailY  +4            Never fumble
porquoise eyebrow ring10 mysAscCommonY  +4            Never fumble
porquoise necklace10 mys
(one only)
AscCommonY  +4         +10   
porquoise ring10 mysAscCommonY  +5     +5+5     Regenerate 1-2 HP and 1-2 MP per adventure
pygmy nose-bone62 mys
(one only)
CommonY  +7             
Radio KoL Antenna Ball-UnavailY               +1 stat per fight
Radio KoL Bottle Opener-UnavailY            +15   
Radio KoL Flashlight-UnavailY +15              
Radio KoL Keychain-UnavailY+15               
Radio KoL Maracas-UnavailY             +15  
Radio KoL Patch-UnavailY  +15             
ratskin belt75 mys
(one only)
Common*Y  +8         +10   
reinforced furry underpants-Common*Y +2 +2 Sleaze            
ring of adornment25 mysCommonY  +10             
ring of aggravate monster25 mysCommonY       +5        
ring of cold resistance25 mysCommonY           Cold: So-So    
ring of conflict25 mys
(one only)
CommonY               Monsters will be less attracted to you
ring of fire resistance25 mysCommonY           Hot: So-So    
ring of gain strength25 mysCommonY+10               
Accessory Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR Crit ML MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
ring of half-assed regeneration10 mys
(one only)
CommonY               Sporadic HP regeneration
ring of increase damage25 mysCommonY   +10 Melee
+10 Spell
rose-colored glasses-UnavailN        +5+5      
Scandalously Skimpy Bikini10 mox
(one only)
UnavailN               Keep 4 songs in your head
second-hand knockoff engagement ring-UnavailN+1+1+1             
Senior LAAAAME merit badge-UnavailN+3+3+3             
severed rocking horse head10 mysUnavailY+3+3+3             
shiny ring10 mysCommonY+3+3+3             
sk8board20 mysCommonY          +15     
Sneaky Pete's breath spray25 mysCommonY  +10             
sparkly engagement ring-
(one only)
special sauce glove-
(one only)
CommonY               Mysticality instead of Muscle is used to calculate chance of hitting enemy with a staff, for Saucerors only
spooky glove-AscCommonN  +5+5 Spooky           Never fumble
stainless steel scarf30 mys
(one only)
AscRewardN +15% +20 Spell   +20        
stainless steel solitaire30 mys
(one only)
AscRewardN +15%            -2+2 adventures/day
stainless steel suspenders30 mys
(one only)
AscRewardN  +15% +60    +40      
string of blue beads-UnavailY +1              
string of green beads-UnavailY  +1             
string of red beads-UnavailY+1               
stuffed shoulder parrot25 mysCommonY         +5      
Accessory Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR Crit ML MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
support cummerbund35 mysCommonY        +20       
Talisman o' Nam25 mysCommonY+1+1+1             
Talisman of Baio-RareY               All attributes increase with moonlight
Talisman of Bakula-
(one only)
RareY               Effect: Hemophilia
tap shoes-
(one only)
CommonY  +11       -20     
tin star-UnavailN  +3    +5        
tiny plastic 7-foot dwarf-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 15/64, C
tiny plastic accordion thief-CommonY +1+2            Series 1, 2/32, U
tiny plastic ancient yuletide troll-UnavailY               Series 1Cw, 2/5, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic angry bugbear-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 16/64, C
tiny plastic angry goat-CommonY               Series 1, 10/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic anime smiley-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 17/64, C
tiny plastic apathetic lizardman-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 18/64, C
tiny plastic astronomer-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 19/64, C
tiny plastic Axe Wound-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 59/64, C
tiny plastic baby gravy fairy-CommonY               Series 1, 20/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic Baron von Ratsworth-CommonY            +3  Series 2, 6/64, U
tiny plastic barrrnacle-CommonY               Series 1, 14/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic beanbat-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 20/64, C
tiny plastic Beelzebozo-CommonY   +5 Sleaze           Series 2, 13/64, U
Accessory Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR Crit ML MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
tiny plastic bitchin' meatcar-
(one only)
CommonY               Series 1, 27/32, U
+1 adventure/day
tiny plastic Black Knight-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 61/64, C
tiny plastic blood-faced volleyball-CommonY               Series 1, 18/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic blooper-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 21/64, C
tiny plastic Bonerdagon-CommonY +3             Series 2, 9/64, U
tiny plastic Boris-RareY+5+3+3            Series 1, 29/32, R
tiny plastic Boss Bat-CommonY        +5      Series 2, 7/64, U
tiny plastic brainsweeper-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 22/64, C
tiny plastic briefcase bat-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 23/64, C
tiny plastic Cheshire bat-CommonY               Series 1, 25/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic cocoabo-CommonY               Series 1, 21/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic coffee pixie-CommonY               Series 1, 26/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic conservationist hippy-CommonY   +5 Stench           Series 2, 14/64, U
tiny plastic Crimbo elf-UnavailY               Series 1C, 1/5, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic Crimbo reindeer-
(one only)
UnavailY               Series 1C, 3/5, C
+1 adventure/day
tiny plastic Crimbo wreath-
(one only)
UnavailY               Series 1C, 4/5, U
Regenerate 1-2 MP/adventure
tiny plastic Crimboween pentagram-
(one only)
UnavailY               Series 1Cw, 4/5, U
Regenerate 1-2 MP/adventure
tiny plastic cubist bull-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 40/64, C
tiny plastic demoninja-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 24/64, C
tiny plastic disco bandit-CommonY+1 +2            Series 1, 1/32, U
Accessory Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR Crit ML MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
tiny plastic Dr. Awkward-RareY               Series 2, 4/64, R
Never fumble
tiny plastic drunk goat-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 26/64, C
tiny plastic Ed the Undying-RareY    +30   +30      Series 2, 2/64, R
tiny plastic Felonia-CommonY   +5 Spooky           Series 2, 12/64, U
tiny plastic fiendish can of asparagus-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 27/64, C
tiny plastic filthy hippy jewelry maker-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 25/64, C
tiny plastic fluffy bunny-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 64/64, C
tiny plastic fruit golem-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 63/64, C
tiny plastic fuzzy dice-CommonY               Series 1, 12/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic G Imp-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 38/64, C
tiny plastic ghost pickle on a stick-CommonY               Series 1, 23/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic ghuol whelp-CommonY               Series 1, 19/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic giant pair of tweezers-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 62/64, C
tiny plastic gift-wrapping vampire-UnavailY               Series 1Cw, 1/5, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic Gnollish crossdresser-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 28/64, C
tiny plastic Gnomester Blomester-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 57/64, C
tiny plastic goth giant-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 39/64, C
tiny plastic grue-CommonY               Series 1, 17/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic handsome mariachi-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 29/64, C
tiny plastic Hellion-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 60/64, C
Accessory Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR Crit ML MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
tiny plastic hermit-CommonY            +6  Series 1, 28/32, U
tiny plastic howling balloon monkey-CommonY               Series 1, 15/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic Iiti Kitty-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 56/64, C
tiny plastic Jarlsberg-RareY+3+5+3            Series 1, 30/32, R
tiny plastic killer bee-CommonY               Series 1, 24/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic Knob Goblin bean counter-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 30/64, C
tiny plastic Knob Goblin harem girl-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 31/64, C
tiny plastic Knob Goblin King-CommonY+3              Series 2, 8/64, U
tiny plastic Knob Goblin mad scientist-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 32/64, C
tiny plastic Knott Yeti-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 33/64, C
tiny plastic lemon-in-the-box-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 34/64, C
tiny plastic leprechaun-CommonY               Series 1, 8/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic levitating potato-CommonY               Series 1, 9/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic lobsterfrogman-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 35/64, C
tiny plastic Lord Spookyraven-RareY   +10 Spell     +30     Series 2, 3/64, R
tiny plastic mosquito-CommonY               Series 1, 7/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic Naughty Sorceress-RareY   +100% Spell     +100     Series 2, 1/64, UR
tiny plastic ninja snowman-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 36/64, C
tiny plastic Orcish Frat Boy-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 37/64, C
tiny plastic pastamancer-CommonY+1+2             Series 1, 5/32, U
Accessory Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR Crit ML MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
tiny plastic Protagonist-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 52/64, C
tiny plastic protector spectre-RareY   +10 Spooky           Series 2, 5/64, R
tiny plastic sabre-toothed lime-CommonY               Series 1, 11/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic sauceror-CommonY +2+1            Series 1, 6/32, U
tiny plastic scary clown-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 41/64, C
tiny plastic Scream Queen-UnavailY+1+1+1            Series 1Cw, 5/5, U
tiny plastic seal clubber-CommonY+2 +1            Series 1, 4/32, U
tiny plastic senile lihc-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 55/64, C
tiny plastic skeletal reindeer-
(one only)
UnavailY               Series 1Cw, 3/5, C
+1 adventure/day
tiny plastic smarmy pirate-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 42/64, C
tiny plastic Sneaky Pete-RareY+3+3+5            Series 1, 31/32, R
tiny plastic Spam Witch-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 44/64, C
tiny plastic spiny skelelton-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 43/64, C
tiny plastic spooky pirate skeleton-CommonY               Series 1, 13/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic spooky vampire-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 45/64, C
tiny plastic Spunky Princess-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 53/64, C
tiny plastic stab bat-CommonY               Series 1, 16/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic star starfish-CommonY               Series 1, 22/32, C
+1 familiar weight
tiny plastic Susie-RareY+5+5+5            Series 1, 32/32, R
tiny plastic sweet nutcracker-UnavailY               Series 1C, 2/5, C
+1 familiar weight
Accessory Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR Crit ML MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
tiny plastic taco cat-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 46/64, C
tiny plastic The Big Wisniewski-CommonY               Series 2, 11/64, U
+3% food drops
tiny plastic The Man-CommonY            +3  Series 2, 10/64, U
tiny plastic topiary golem-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 54/64, C
tiny plastic Trouser Snake-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 58/64, C
tiny plastic turtle tamer-CommonY+2+1             Series 1, 3/32, U
tiny plastic Uncle Crimbo-UnavailY+1+1+1            Series 1C, 5/5, U
tiny plastic undead elbow macaroni-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 47/64, C
tiny plastic warwelf-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 48/64, C
tiny plastic whitesnake-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 49/64, C
tiny plastic XXX pr0n-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 50/64, C
tiny plastic zmobie-CommonY       +1       Series 2, 51/64, C
toy crazy train-
(one only)
UnavailY            +10   
toy jet pack72 mys
(one only)
UnavailY               Effect: Get Me Off This Crazy Thing!
toy train-
(one only)
UnavailY            +10   
walrus-tusk earring10 mysCommonY        +10       
Warehouse 23 bling-UnavailN         +23      
wheel-UnavailY          +10     
white collar-CommonY  +1         +3   
Xlyinia's notebook-UnavailN+15+15+15             
Accessory Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR Crit ML MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
ye olde golde frontes-
(one only)
CommonY+15              Bonus for Disco Bandits only
yellow glowstick-UnavailN  -3      +5