Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: SupertinkerRecipes

The Supertinker is located in the Gnomish Gnomads' Camp (accessible to those who have ascended under a Moxie sign). To get objects which the Supertinker can use, you have to adventure in the Thugnderdome in the Gnomish Gnomads' Camp (you can, of course, get cogs, sprockets, and springs elsewhere, but you can't supertinker anything out of only those three objects).

Supertinkering is pretty systematic. The Supertinker tinkers together three objects, all of which must be different, to form new objects. He only works with cogs, flanges, sprockets, springs, clockwork keys, and other supertinkered objects. Supertinkered objects cannot be untinkered.