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Fullness: Every day, you may eat food with a total of up to 15 fullness value (or 20, if you possess Stomach of Steel). You cannot eat anything which would put you over the 15 limit (unlike drinking). Note that fullness is never displayed, either when you eat the item or in your current status, so you'll have to pay attention yourself.

Methodology: Every item here has been tested by eating it at least (and, in most cases, exactly) five times. I figure that this will give a pretty representative sample, but (especially for food with a wide range of possibilities) may not cover the entire range of possibilities. If you notice something outside the ranges listed here (and it's not a stat day), let me know and I'll check it out and try to update it.

Note that the hippy herbal tea, ent cider, glass of goat's milk, and Jumbo Dr. Lucifer are "beverages"; while they are drunk, they behave like food, not drinks (that is, they give you fullness points rather than drunkenness points), which is why they're here. Dyspepsi-Cola and Mountain Stream soda, on the other hand, though they appear in the food/drink section, are neither beverage nor food; they're ordinary combat/usable items which don't give you any fullness at all.

Probably the most popular food in the game currently is the chow mein. Pickles are very good, but are expensive due to the rare appearances of the Spectral Pickle Factory. Insanely spicy burritos (either kind) are also a popular choice. Hell ramen used to be the most popular food, but has declined somewhat due to the availability of newer food. Some people also like Key Lime Pies.

Exploded foods: Like bartenders-in-the-box, chefs-in-the-box now occasionally explode after making a large amount of food. When this happens, you get some random foods, including some foods that cannot be made normally.

[WWW]Ohayou's food effects used to be a very useful source for this information, but it is currently down. You can also check out this spreadsheet helpfully created by Tritonair, although it is also somewhat out of date.

Note: All items in this table have been updated since Jick last publicly announced that he was changing the food values (on 8/18/04). It is possible that Jick has changed things without announcing, in which case there might be inaccuracies. If you find one, let me know.

All of these recipes should be performed by cooking (duh).

Key: A = adventures, Mus = muscle sub-points, mys = mysticality sub-points, mox = moxie sub-points, F = fullness

A useful combination:

Basic food and raw ingredients

Evil food:

Exploded food:

[*] Based on 27 successes out of 60 tries.

Basic recipes

These recipes require cooking. Anyone can make them, though.

Mexican food:

Skewered food:


Baked goods:

Hippy food:


Mushroom-based food:

Other recipes:


Advanced recipes

These recipes require some special skills to cook.

Advanced sauces (require Advanced Saucecrafting):

Very advanced sauces (require The Way of Sauce):

Advanced pastas (require Pastamastery):

Wok of Ages

These recipes require access to the Wok of Ages in the League of Chef-Magi. To gain access to the Wok of Ages, you must have the Pastamancer skill Transcendental Noodlecraft.

You use the Wok of Ages to "kick up" certain dishes. "Kicking up" a dish requires one Adventure, one canister of MSG (purchasable at the guild store), and one dry noodles, in addition to the input dish.

Chow mein:

Lo mein:

Hi mein:


Special Food

Event food (available only on special occasions):

Food no longer available (see UnavailableItems for details):

Non-food cooking recipes

There are a few things which are not food but which are nonetheless made by cooking. (There are also the potions made by cooking reagents, which are in the next section below.)

The hot stuffing cannot be made normally, as neither the heavy hot sauce nor the stuffing show up in the list of cookable ingredients. As of now, it can only be made by feeding the appropriate URL to the Kingdom yourself, either by hand or by using a program like KoLMafia. It has no apparent function, and appears to be just a vanity item.


In order to cook potions with scrumptious reagents, you need the Advanced Saucecrafting skill. Making potions with scrumdiddlyumptious solutions requires The Way of Sauce skill. Scrumdiddlyumptious solutions are obtained by using a delectable catalyst (which you can get from Gouda's Grimoire and Grocery) with a scrumptious reagent in your inventory. Note that having the Impetuous Sauciness skill increases the duration of all of these potions to 10 turns.

Advanced Saucecrafting potions

The Way of Sauce potions

Using the Way of Sauce, you can also cook elemental wads with scrumdiddlyumptious solutions to produce different elemental wads.