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To see a concise summary of monster powers, check out AreaDifficulty.

This spoiler contains a list of all of the possible adventures in a location, along with the results for each possible outcome. A few notes:

To see the requirements for adventuring in a certain area, see AreaRequirements. See also RetiredAdventures for information on adventures which no longer appear in the Kingdom.

Note: Nearly all of the monsters here have been updated since Ascension, so they should be completely accurate. The exception are a few of the boss monsters, which I'm still working on (obviously they're more difficult to get a lot of data points on). If you notice any inaccuracies, please let me know. Thanks also to Nikademus for his help with monster XP values.

The Barrel Full of Barrels

The Barrel Full of Barrels has been revamped to make it more interesting. In the Barrel, there are 36 individual barrels, which you can smash individually. Once you have smashed a barrel, it will reappear at rollover.

Each 2x2 block of barrels (you can think of the arrangement as nine 2x2 blocks) will contain items from the same category, and each category of items will appear exactly once. The nine categories of items are:

Furthermore, it appears that the best groups of items ((3), (6), and (9)) are always in the top two rows, the middle groups ((2), (5), and (8)) are in the middle two rows, and the worst groups ((1), (4), and (7)) are always in the bottom two rows.

However, it seems that in the top two rows, mimics and explosions are more likely to happen (these are scattered randomly throughout the layout), and furthermore, mimics get tougher higher up (the explosions also appear to be more damaging).

The Bat Hole

(1) The Bat Hole Entrance

(2) Guano Junction

(3) The Batrat and Ratbat Burrow

(4) The Beanbat Chamber

(5) The Boss Bat's Lair

Once the Boss Bat is defeated, the Boss Bat's Lair closes up shop.

The Black Forest

The Bounty Hunter Hunter's Shack

The Bounty Hunter Hunter will offer three bounties from this list per day -- one from the "low-level" list, one from the "mid-level" list, and one from the "high-level" list.

(1) Low-level bounties:

(2) Mid-level bounties:

(3) High-level bounties:

The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky

Cobb's Knob

(1) The Outskirts of Cobb's Knob

(2) Cobb's Knob Kitchens

(3) Cobb's Knob Treasury

(4) Cobb's Knob Harem

(5) Cobb's Knob King's Chamber

(6) Knob Goblin Laboratory

(7) Cobb's Knob Menagerie, Level 1

(8) Cobb's Knob Menagerie, Level 2

(9) Cobb's Knob Menagerie, Level 3

(10) The Knob Shaft



When disguised in the MiningGear, you may mine inside the Knob Shaft. The rules for mining here are much the same as in ItznotyerzitzMine, except of course the ores are different. The cave-ins are also much less damaging here.

The Cola Wars Battlefield

With the end of the TemporalRifts event, the Battlefield remained, but it is only accessible to characters of level 4 or 5.


In Cloaca-Cola Uniform:

In Dyspepsi-Cola Uniform:

The Copse of the Deep Fat Friars

(1) The Dark Neck of the Woods

(2) The Dark Heart of the Woods

(3) The Dark Elbow of the Woods

(4) The Deep Fat Friars' Gate

The Daily Dungeon

A note on doors in the Daily Dungeon: Attempting to force the door takes 1 adventure. It uses your main stat to attempt to open the door, and may succeed or fail. Even if you succeed, you may trigger a trap which damages you or costs you Adventures. If you have a set of Pick-O-Matic lockpicks, you can attempt to pick the lock. Picking the lock does not take an adventure, but if you fail, you can trigger a trap with similar ill effects. Finally, if you have a skeleton key, you can use it. Using a skeleton key does not take an adventure, and is completely safe, but there is a chance that the key will break and you'll lose it.

Rooms 1-9:

Room 10:

The Dark and Dank and Sinister Cave

The Defiled Cyrpt

When you beat the "miniboss" monster in each area, you can no longer adventure in that area.

(1) The Defiled Nook

(2) The Defiled Cranny

(3) The Defiled Alcove

(4) The Defiled Niche

(5) The Haert of the Cyrpt

Degrassi Knoll

Drunken Stupor

The Dungeons of Doom

The Enormous Greater-Than Sign

With Teleportitis effect:

The eXtreme Slope

Ruins of Fernswarthy's Tower

(1) Tower Ruins

(2) The Basement: see FernswarthysBasement

The "Fun" House

The Goatlet

Between a Rock and Some Other Rocks must be cleared before you can adventure at the rest of the Goatlet.

The Haiku Dungeon

The Haunted Pantry

Once you get The Manor in Which You're Accustomed, the Haunted Pantry disappears and is replaced by Spookyraven Manor, which contains it.

The Hidden Temple

Stat gains in the Hidden Temple are proportional to the current level of the statistic. They appear to be capped at 50 for a regular adventure or 25 each (75 total) for Trapstravaganza. Similarly, the HP and MP losses are proportional to your maximum HP or MP.

The Hippy Camp



The Hole in the Sky

The Icy Peak

An Incredibly Strange Place

True to its name, An Incredibly Strange Place is rather different from most adventure areas. See AstralMushrooms for more details.

(1) Bad Trip

(2) Mediocre Trip

(3) Great Trip

The Inexplicable Door / 8-Bit Realm

Itznotyerzitz Mine



When disguised in the MiningGear, you may mine inside Itznotyerzitz Mine. You may only mine in squares adjacent to an open section (the squares at the bottom, or squares which you have already mined). At any time, you may choose to start a new cavern.

Only squares which sparkle contain something; non-sparkly squares contain nothing. (Note that only squares which are currently open to you will sparkle, so as you get deeper in the mine, you'll notice more sparkly squares. The Object Detection effect, however, allows you to see all sparkly squares whether you're adjacent to them or not.) There are precisely 4 of each ore (asbestos, chrome, and linoleum) in each cavern. The four ores of a given type will all be connected together, so if you find one linoleum ore, the other three will be nearby. Note that the ores tend to be back in the cave (usually the back three rows, though there are occasionally ores in the third row), so if you want to avoid cave-ins, you should avoid sparkly squares in the front couple of rows.

The Lair of the Naughty Sorceress

(1) The Hedge Maze

(2) The Sorceress's Tower, all levels

(3) The Sorceress' Chamber, First Battle

(4) The Sorceress' Chamber, Last Battle

Lair of the Ninja Snowmen

The Limerick Dungeon

The Misspelled Cemetary

Before defeating The Bonerdagon:

After defeating The Bonerdagon:

Mt. Noob

(1) Noob Cave

(2) The Dire Warren

An Oasis

The Obligatory Pirate's Cove



The Orcish Frat House



The Palindome

Like the Typical Tavern, the stat gains and losses in the Palindome are dependent on your primary statistic. The proportionality is higher for the gains which have a higher cap.

  • Monster: Bob Racecar (139 ± 5 HP, 34.5 XP; E: none; ketchup hound, leather chaps, mesh cap, stunt nuts; +97-142 meat)
  • Monster: Drab Bard (170 ± 5 HP, 34.0 XP; E: none; drab sonata, guitar pick, olive; +66-96 meat)
  • Monster: Evil Olive (140 ± 5 HP, 36.25 XP; E: none; bottle of gin, jumbo olive, olive; +0 meat)
  • Monster: Flock of Stab-bats (155 ± 5 HP, 38.75 XP; E: none; bat wing, batblade, batgut; +130-190 meat)
  • Monster: Racecar Bob (139 ± 5 HP, 36.0 XP; E: none; enormous belt buckle, leather chaps, mesh cap, stunt nuts; +96-142 meat)
  • Monster: Taco Cat (145 ± 5 HP, 34.75 XP; E: none; cat appendix, catgut, taco shell; +82-120 meat)
  • Monster: Tan Gnat (128 ± 5 HP, 34.0 XP; E: none; filet of tangy gnat ("fotelif"), gnatwing, suntan lotion of moxiousness; +16-24 meat)
  • A Pre-War Dresser Drawer, Pa! (choose one of the following options)
  • Denim Axes Examined [only with rubber axe in inventory] (choose one of the following options)
  • Flee to me, remote elf! [only without Elf Farm Raffle ticket in inventory] (Elf Farm Raffle ticket)
  • No sir, away! A papaya war is on! (choose one of the following options)
  • Sun at Noon, Tan Us (choose one of the following options)
  • The Penultimate Fantasy Airship

    The Road to the White Citadel

    The Road to the White Citadel will disappear once completed (by passing Summer Holiday) and be replaced by the White Citadel.

    The Sewer

    In order to adventure in the Sewer, you must have some chewing gum on a string, which you can buy at the Demon Market. Each item you pull from the sewer will consume one chewing gum on a string. The exception is Sewer Luck -- you can perform several exchanges for the cost of a single chewing gum on a string. Note also that if you end up in Sewer Luck and decide you want to keep your clover, you can leave without exchanging anything. (You'll still lose the chewing gum on a string though.)

    The Shore, Inc. Travel Agency

    (1) Distant Lands Dude Ranch Adventure

    (2) Tropical Paradise Island Getaway

    (3) Large Donkey Mountain Ski Resort

    The Sleazy Back Alley

    South of the Border

    The Spectral Pickle Factory

    The Spooky Forest

    Spookyraven Manor

    (1) The Haunted Gallery

    (2) The Haunted Billiards Room

    (3) The Haunted Library

    (4) The Haunted Conservatory

    (5) The Haunted Kitchen

    (6) The Haunted Pantry: see the Haunted Pantry

    (7) The Haunted Bedroom

    (8) The Haunted Bathroom

    (9) The Haunted Ballroom

    (10) Wine Racks

    (11) Summoning Chamber

    St. Sneaky Pete's Day Stupor

    These are special drunken stupors which can only be obtained on St. Sneaky Pete's Day by drinking green beer to put yourself past a drunkenness of 25. See StSneakyPete for more details. To get "The Unkindest Cut", you must have a portable corkscrew equipped.

    The Thatched-Roof Casino

    The casino slots not requiring an adventure are:

    Goat Party Slot: Each slot has a goat, a bean, an olive, and a jug. Any combination beginning with 1 olive wins 5 meat and any combination beginning with 2 olives wins 15 meat. Three olives wins 25 meat, three beans wins 50 meat, three goats wins 100 meat, and three jugs wins 150 meat. All other combinations are losers.

    Pirate Party Slot: Each slot has a chest, lips, a parrot, a skull, and a skull and crossbones. A combination beginning with 1 olive wins 10 meat and a combination beginning with 2 skulls wins 20 meat. Three skulls are 50, three parrots are 100, 3 skulls and crossbones are 150, 3 lips are 250, and 3 chests are 500. All other combinations are losers. (Thanks to Neenie2, darcon111, and Le Grande Arbor for sending in combinations I didn't have.)

    (1) Lemon Party Slot (-10 meat)

    (2) The Roulette Tables (-10 meat)

    (3) The Poker Room (-30 meat)

    Money Making Game

    In the Money Making Game, you can make bets against other players. The bets are resolved by a simple coin flip, and the winner gets all the money (minus the house's cut, which appears to be 0.1%). If you have a ten-leaf clover, the game will mention you clutching it during the action, but it is unclear if this actually does anything other than make you feel better.

    The Typical Tavern

    See TypicalTavern for more details on how the Typical Tavern quest works.

    The Tavern Cellar (during quest):

    After quest completed:

    Note that the stat gains are proportional to your primary statistic. They are capped at -50 for the losses, +100 for the 1-drunkenness adventures, and +250 for the 2-drunkenness adventures.

    The Valley Beyond the Orc Chasm

    Whitey's Grove

    Zoneless Monsters

    These are monsters which are not tied to any particular zone, but rather appear under some other conditions.

    CLEESH monsters: When you use the CLEESH spell, you can turn a monster into one of the following monsters.

    Inventory monsters: These are combats triggered by using items in inventory. If you attempt to eat a black pudding, sometimes you will end up in combat with one instead. Using a drum machine without worm-riding hooks will bring you a giant sandworm.

    Feast of Boris monsters: These monsters randomly appear on the Feast of Boris. They can appear in any area. They scale to approximately your power, although they tend to be slightly weaker.

    The Bugbear Pens (Muscle sign Ascension area)

    Before completing all of Mayor Zapruder's quests:

    After completing all of Mayor Zapruder's quests:

    If wearing a bugbear costume after completing the quests, you can also get:

    Warning: It appears that Bugbear Baker and One Day in the Life are mutually exclusive -- you can only get one. So if you want to get the trophy, you have to not to get the Bugbear Baker adventure. If you do get the Bugbear Baker, you're out of luck.

    The Spooky Gravy Barrow (Muscle sign Ascension area)

    Outskirts of Camp Logging Camp (Mysticality sign Ascension area)

    Camp Logging Camp (Mysticality sign Ascension area)

    Thugnderdome (Moxie sign Ascension area)