Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: TemporalRifts

On the night of October 25, 2005, during rollover, Jick accidentally deleted the database. The Kingdom was down for the days of 10/26 and 10/27 while Jick and crew frantically worked to restore the game from backups. Most of the content had been safely backed up daily, but some content had not been backed up since September 6, principally Hangk's. As a result, many people lost items that they had in storage.

To make up for his error, Jick introduced a bunch of new content. New things appeared in the Kingdom:

Also, on November 1, a new temporal rift appeared in the Council. For more details on this new rift, see ZombieSpoilers. This rift closed on November 7 with the end of the Gray Plague (see also ColumbusDaySpoilers).

On November 17, the temporal rifts began to close. The temporal rifts on the Island and the Woods were the first two to go. The temporal rift on the Plains closed soon afterwards. However, Jick decided to make the Plains temporal rift permanent content for characters of level 4 or 5.

Furthermore, every player received a chunk of petrified time, which (like the Crimbo items) could be smithed to make a helmet, a sword, or pants:

The three time items make an outfit, the TimeTrappings, and tattoo.

What do the temporal rifts do?

In the Battlefield, you'll get the following adventures (the stat adventures are variable, and capped at +50):

The fatigues, helmet, and shield for each side make an outfit, which you can use to get a tattoo for each side. Furthermore, in disguise, you can get new adventures!

Cloaca Uniform

Dyspepsi Uniform

And you can get the following items:

The canteen doubles the effectiveness of Cloaca-Cola and Dyspepsi-Cola; they restore 20-28 MP when drunk with the canteen.