Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: ZombieSpoilers

Note: As of November 7, 2005, the Gray Plague has been eliminated from the Kingdom and so the temporal rift to 28 Days Later has closed. The information here is thus only of historical curiosity.

Citizens of Loathing, the Council needs your help! They have discovered that the plague introduced to the Kingdom on Columbus Day (see ColumbusDaySpoilers) will turn the entire population of the Kingdom into Zombies! Fortunately, the temporal rifts which have appeared throughout the Kingdom (see TemporalRifts) allow you to travel to the Kingdom 28 days later and fight the zombie population in the hopes that you can collect ingredients the Council can use to make a cure.

There is a new temporal rift in the Council, which will take you to Seaside Town 28 Days Later (you cannot leave the town). The town has mostly been reduced to rubble, with the Hall of Records replaced by a Hall of Braaaaains, and three adventurable areas left:

In each area, you will find denizens of the Kingdom which have been reduced to mindless zombies. The zombies appear to be functionally identical to their pre-zombie forms, with one exception: they occasionally drop a zombie pineal gland. (I suspect that all zombies drop a pineal gland, but the list below only includes drops I've personally seen.) The details for each area (in ascending order of difficulty) are:

To complete the quest, take the zombie pineal glands to Doc Galaktik. He'll be able to convert the pineal glands into loaded serum blowguns, which you can use to cure and inoculate yourself or others against the Gray Plague. (You get an empty blowgun after using the serum.)