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Over the history of the Kingdom, many adventures have been added. However, a few have been removed, as well. They are preserved here for posterity.

Icy Peak

The Icy Peak has probably seen the most changes of all areas. In the beginning, only one adventure happened there -- the Knott Yeti. However, as Yeti depopulation increased, a couple of new adventures appeared:

Then, the Mob infiltrated the Icy Peak, and a battle ensued. The full-grown Knott Yetis vanished, and were replaced by these four:

Finally, with the introduction of the breeding pair of Knott Yetis, the Icy Peak returned to the state we see it in today.

During the time of the TemporalRifts, you could travel to the Icy Peak in the Recent Past, where you could fight the four monsters listed above.

The Shore

When the two new cocktail accessories (the coconut shells and magical ice cubes) were introduced, they replaced two adventures in the Shore:

The stone of eXtreme power was later re-introduced by appearing in Itznotyerzitz Mine; the Ent cider remains unavailable to this day.

Fernswarthy's Tower

When the Lesser Fruit Golem was introduced into Fernswarthy's Tower, it bumped out everyone's least-favorite monster in the Tower:

Gray Plague

During the Gray Plague, a few adventures came which offered the prospect of a cure. They disappeared when the Gray Plague was cured. See ColumbusDaySpoilers for more details.

Later, as the Gray Plague continued to ravage the Kingdom, another temporal rift opened up which allowed Adventurers to travel to Seaside Town, 28 Days Later. This opened up a bunch of new adventures. See ZombieSpoilers for more details.

Crimbo Town

Crimbo Town opened up on December 20, 2005 and lasted until January 1, 2006. See CrimboTown for more details. In the Crimbo Town Toy Factory, you could fight either striking elves or strike-breaking reindeer. All of the monsters in Crimbo Town scale to your power, with the elves being slightly weaker and the reindeer slightly stronger.

Without the Unionize the Elves sign equipped:

With the Unionize the Elves sign equipped:

Spooky Forest

The Spooky Forest was rather dramatically revamped April 11, 2006. A large number of old, boring adventures were removed to make way for a more "interactive and streamlined" experience. Here's the retired adventures:

Many of the adventures survived in somewhat altered form: Chester Meatpot remained but gave a bounty of meat instead; Corpse in the Copse and Corpse in the Grove became results of the new choice adventure A Three-Tined Fork, and Interview with the Vampire became a choice in the new choice adventure An Interesting Choice. The others were cut, probably for simply being too boring.

Degrassi Knoll

Xenophobe removed these monsters from the Knoll sometime around May 2006. Apparently they were just too boring. See [WWW]this radio transcript for a brief mention.

Whitey's Grove

When Riff's new guild quest was introduced July 4, 2006, a large number of adventures in Whitey's Grove were purged or changed.

Most of the adventures were merged into outcomes of the new choice adventures in the Grove (Don't Fence Me In, Rapido!, and The Only Thing About Him is the Way That He Walks). The White Castle adventures were eliminated entirely, since they were superseded by the new White Citadel.

St. Sneaky Pete's Day Stupor

The original StSneakyPete's Days yielded traffic cones the day after if you got the To The Rescue adventure. Once the first set of five traffic cones was complete, Antimotion and To The Rescue were replaced by Screwed and The Unkindest Cut, which yielded a blue ribbon.

To get To The Rescue, you must have the cheap plastic bottle opener equipped.

Outskirts of Cobb's Knob / Haunted Pantry / Sleazy Back Alley

These three areas were revamped November 28, 2006. Like many of the other area revampings, some of the adventures were folded into new choice adventures and some were cut entirely.

Outskirts of Cobb's Knob

A Funny Thing Happened... was upgraded into a new once-only adventure, while elements of Knob Goblin BBQ, Knob Goblin Labor, and Wrestling Match were placed into some of the new choice adventures. The rest were eliminated.

The Haunted Pantry

The Broken Hammer was upgraded into the new Hammer Time mini-quest in the Sleazy Back Alley, while The Matchless Baker was made into the Baker, Baker mini-quest. Elements of Knob Goblin Apprentice Shaman, Knob Goblin Puppet Show, Knob Goblin Shaman, and The Singing Tree appeared in the new choice adventures. The rest were unceremoniously dumped.

The Sleazy Back Alley

Elements of An Amateur Pickpocket is You!, The Bum's Dilemma, Dumpster Diver, Knob Goblin Philosophy, Knob Goblin Rumble, and Out of Aces appeared in the new choice adventures, and Hammer Time was also referenced in the new Hammer Time quest.

Crimboween 2006

Crimboween 2006 was very similar to Crimbo 2005, except that there were three areas which gradually opened up during the month of December. See SaveUncleCrimbo for the details. There were three combat areas: the Simple Tool-Making Cave in Crimbo Rock, the Spooky Fright Factory in Crimbo Town, and the Crimborg Collective Factory in the Crimborg Collective. In all cases the enemies scaled to your power; the cave elves were somewhat weaker than you, the spooky creatures about as strong, and the Crimborg robots stronger.

Simple Tool-Making Cave

Spooky Fright Factory

The Crimborg Collective Factory

The Palindome

The Palindome was re-revamped on February 20, 2007. Much of the monsters were made tougher, and many of the adventures were changed. These were removed:

The first two were removed entirely, while the rest were replaced by new choice adventures.

Bounty Hunter Hunter

Amongst the many changes upon the arrival of NS-13 was the retirement of the old Bounty Hunter Hunter. Here are the bounties he used to offer (he would offer bounties on three randomly chosen items per day):

bar skin 10
bat wing 28
batgut 24
bloody clown pants 130
bugbear bungguard 70
filthy corduroys 80
filthy knitted dread sack 80
ghuol ears 32
gnoll teeth 24
goat beard 90
hippopotamus skin 196
lihc eye 38
Orcish cargo shorts 90
penguin skin 194
pirate pelvis 88
rat appendix 32
sabre teeth 70
spider web 6
yak skin 190
yeti fur 184