Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: SaveUncleCrimbo

Crimbo 2006 took an unusual form. By coincidence, the Kingdom of Loathing Halloween (Porktober 8) happened to fall on December 25, thus creating a new, unexpected holiday: Crimboween!

The first hint that something was amiss was the appearance of a lonely Crimbo elf in the big mountains. He told you that Uncle Crimbo had been bewitched by Linnea, the Scream Queen, so that she could take over Crimbo. It's up to you to save him!

The first step was to get the chocolate lump from your Spooky Advent calendar, consume it, and rest twice, where two ghosts would visit you and tell you about the quest ahead of you. This would then open up Crimbo Rock, the Crimbo Town of millennia ago.

You then adventure in Crimbo Rock until you obtain the lit cigar. Using it would then give you the first contact with Uncle Crimbo. After using the lit cigar, you would then be given the option to open up Crimbo Right-About-Now.

In Crimbo Right-About-Now, Linnea rules the town with her scary workers! You adventure there until you obtain a plate of franks and beans, which you can use to get the second contact with Uncle Crimbo. This will give you the chance to advance to the Crimbo of the Future!

In the Future Crimbo, Crimbo festivities are controlled by the Crimborg. You have to battle in their futuristic factory until you obtain some peppermint schnapps. Using the peppermint schnapps allows you to save Uncle Crimbo! This gives you access to the time sleigh, which allows you to jump between any of the three Crimbo areas. It also means that you get an extra item in your Crimbo present!

After Crimbo itself, the quest ended, although the areas remained open until January 1st. You could continue to use the time sleigh until January 1st, at which point it became useless.

Each area consisted of three parts; like in Crimbo Town 2005, there was an adventure area, an area where you could assemble new toys out of parts obtained in the adventure area, and a food/drink area where you could buy some Crimbo foods and drinks.

Crimbo Rock

Crimbo Rock has the following three locations:

To complete the quest in Crimbo Rock, you must combine the fire with the leaf tube to make a lit cigar, and then use the lit cigar. Then either adventure in Crimbo Rock or sleep until you are given the option to advance to Crimbo Town Right-About-Now.

Crimbo Town

Crimbo Town Right-About-Now is extremely similar to the Crimbo Town from 2005, except everything is just a little bit spookier. It also has three locations:

To complete the quest in Crimbo Town Right-About-Now, cook the spooky frank with beans (any kind will suffice) to get a plate of franks and beans, which you then should attempt to eat. Then either adventure in The Spooky Fright Factory or sleep until you are given the option to advance to Crimbo Town Not-Too-Distant-Future.

Crimborg Collective

The Crimborg Collective is a chilling vision of what Crimbo might (or will?) become in the near future. Like the other Crimbos, there are three locations: an adventure location, a toy-making location, and a food location.

To complete the quest in the Crimborg Collective, cocktailcraft the flask of peppermint oil with fermenting powder to make a flask of peppermint schnapps. Attempting to drink the flask of peppermint schnapps will allow you to rescue Uncle Crimbo!