Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: AstralMushrooms

In June 2006, a new familiar was introduced, the Astral Badger. The Astral Badger, in addition to being a fairly potent combat familiar, had an additional feature: occasionally, after combat, the badger would drop an astral mushroom. The badger drops up to 5 astral mushrooms per days. Generally the first few drop pretty quickly but getting the last few takes longer. The drop rate is apparently not affected by the badger's weight (the weight only affects the combat performance), although the familiar equipment (the badger badge) does increase the drop rate.

The astral mushrooms have an effect unlike any other. Upon consuming one, you gain 5 adventures of the Half-Astral effect (unless you already have the Half-Astral effect, in which case you cannot consume the mushroom). When you attempt to adventure anywhere with the effect, you will instead end up at the following choice (which does not consume an adventure):

A Journey to the Center of Your Mind (choose one of the following options)

After selecting your trip, your next five Adventures will happen in An Incredibly Strange Place, on the trip that you've selected. The area details are:

Bad Trip:

Mediocre Trip:

Great Trip:

The Violet Fog is also an adventure unlike any other in the Kingdom. You will always find the Violet Fog precisely once every five adventures of Half-Astral (although if you elect to leave the fog, which you can do at any time, you can fight a fifth monster instead).

The Fog contains 22 locations. You will wander through the fog until you either escape or arrive at one of the locations with a (1) and take that choice. Each location has precisely three exits, although the number of ways to reach a location varies from 1 to 7.

The three exits at a given location are labeled "This Way", "That Way", and "The Other Way". However, which one is which varies randomly from Ascension to Ascension. When you Ascend, the paths are all re-randomized.

Here's a table listing the layout of the fog.

LocationExit 1Exit 2Exit 3
start location(01) Man on bicycle(02) Pleasant-faced man(03) The Walrus
(01) Man on bicycle(04) Chessboard(05) Dali(14) Riverboat
(02) Pleasant-faced man(05) Dali(06) Waterfall(17) Man with sunglasses
(03) The Walrus(04) Chessboard(06) Waterfall(20) Machine elves
(04) Chessboard(10) Booze Item(11) Muscle training(07) The Wizard
(05) Dali(08) Food Item(12) Mysticality training(07) The Wizard
(06) Waterfall(09) Herbs Item(13) Moxie training(07) The Wizard
(07) The Wizard(01) Man on bicycle(02) Pleasant-faced man(03) The Walrus
(08) Food Item(02) Pleasant-faced man(03) The Walrus(06) Waterfall
(09) Herbs Item(01) Man on bicycle(03) The Walrus(04) Chessboard
(10) Booze Item(01) Man on bicycle(02) Pleasant-faced man(05) Dali
(11) Muscle training(02) Pleasant-faced man(03) The Walrus(06) Waterfall
(12) Mysticality training(01) Man on bicycle(03) The Walrus(04) Chessboard
(13) Moxie training(01) Man on bicycle(02) Pleasant-faced man(05) Dali
(14) Riverboat(12) Mysticality training(10) Booze Item(15) Not a pipe
(15) Not a pipe(01) Man on bicycle(05) Dali(16) Hat
(16) Hat(02) Pleasant-faced man(04) Chessboard(07) The Wizard
(17) Man with sunglasses(13) Moxie training(08) Food Item(18) Busby Berkeley
(18) Busby Berkeley(02) Pleasant-faced man(06) Waterfall(19) Garment
(19) Garment(01) Man on bicycle(06) Waterfall(07) The Wizard
(20) Machine elves(11) Muscle training(09) Herbs Item(21) Woman named Puck
(21) Woman named Puck(03) The Walrus(04) Chessboard(22) Weapon
(22) Weapon(03) The Walrus(05) Dali(07) The Wizard

There are nine possible outcomes to the Violet Fog (plus escaping, which doesn't take an adventure):

There are a variety of other ways to help you through the fog, if the chart above isn't sufficiently convenient.

As for the effects of the items, the astral cupcakes are straightforward. They function much like the snowcones (with the exception of the green one):

The other three items are more complicated.