Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: AreaRequirements

Most areas are not accessible to you at the beginning of the game; they appear gradually over the course of your quest. And even after an area appears, it often has a stat requirement for you to be able to adventure there. This page attempts to document these requirements.

There are two columns: "Visibility" indicates when an area first becomes visible. In general, to get an area you must reach the appropriate level and visit either the Council or your Guild; this is indicated by the "[C]" and "[G]", respectively. Some areas do just pop into existence when you reach the appropriate level, however. "Stat requirement" indicates the level of your primary stat required to actually adventure in that area. (This is based on your modified primary stat, so boosts can help you adventure in an area, while being Beaten Up may prevent you from adventuring in some areas. The one exception is the Daily Dungeon, which appears to be based on your base stat.) Note, of course, that being able to adventure in an area is no guarantee that you'll be able to survive in that area! Consult AreaDifficulty to learn about that.

All adventure zones are listed first; non-adventure zones which also have certain requirements (e.g. the mall) are listed at the bottom. Non-adventure zones which don't have any requirements (e.g. the Demon Market) are not listed.

areavisibilitystat requirement
Seaside Town
The Haunted Pantryalwaysnone
The Sleazy Back Alleyalwaysnone
The Haiku Dungeonalways5
The Daily Dungeonalways15 base
The Limerick Dungeonapprox. level 519
The Enormous Greater-Than Signmain stat of 4744
The Dungeons of Doomclear the Enormous Greater-Than Sign44
Fernswarthy's Basementapprox. level 9none
The Seweralwaysnone
The Big Mountains
The Valley Beyond the Orc Chasmlevel 9 [C]68
The Barrel Full of Barrelsfinish 1st Guild task6
The Dark and Dank and Sinister Cavelevel 4 [C]none
Mt. McLargeHugelevel 8 [C]see below
Itznotyerzitz Minevisit the Tr4pz0r53
The Goatletcomplete Tr4pz0r's first task53
The eXtreme Slopecomplete Tr4pz0r's second task53
The Lair of the Ninja Snowmencomplete Tr4pz0r's second task53
The Icy Peakcomplete Tr4pz0r's third task53 + cold resistance
The Nearby Plains
Outskirts of Cobb's Knobalwaysnone
Cobb's Knob Interiorlevel 5 [C]see below
Cobb's Knob Kitchensopen interior of Knob20
Cobb's Knob Treasuryopen interior of Knob20
Cobb's Knob Haremopen interior of Knob20
Cobb's Knob King's Chamberopen interior of Knob?
Cobb's Knob Laboratoryget Cobb's Knob Lab Key30
Cobb's Knob Menagerie, level 1get Cobb's Knob Lab Key35
Cobb's Knob Menagerie, level 2get Cobb's Knob Lab Key40
Cobb's Knob Menagerie, level 3get Cobb's Knob Lab Key45
The Cola Wars Battlefield
(via Temporal Rift)
must be level 4 or 5none
Fernswarthy's Towerapprox. level 312
Degrassi Knolllevel 4 [C]10
The "Fun" Houseapprox. level 315
The Misspelled Cemetaryapprox. level 318
The Cyrpt (all areas)level 7 [C]40
The Palindomeequip a Talisman o' Nam65
The Bat Holelevel 3 [C]see below
Entrywayopen Bat Hole13
Guano Junctionopen Bat Hole13 + stench resistance
The Batrat and Ratbat Burrowopen 1st chamber13
The Beanbat Chamberopen 2nd chamber13
The Boss Bat's Lairopen 3rd chamber13
The Spectral Pickle Factoryat the whim of Jick150
The Beanstalklevel 10 [C]see below
The Penultimate Fantasy Airshipplant a beanstalk90
The Castle in the Clouds in the Skyclear the Airship95
The Hole in the Skyfinish the Giant Castle Map100
The Distant Woods
The Spooky Forestlevel 2 [C]none
Whitey's Groveapprox. main stat 3637
The Typical Tavernlevel 3 [C]10
The Copse of the Deep Fat Friarslevel 6 [C]see below
The Dark Neck of the Woodsopen the Copsenone
The Dark Heart of the Woodsopen the Copsenone
The Dark Elbow of the Woodsopen the Copsenone
The Deep Fat Friars' Gatefinish Friars quest29
The Hidden Templefinish the Hidden Temple map5
The 8-Bit Realm/Inexplicable Doorequip a continuum transfunctioner20
The Mysterious Island of Mystery
The Orcish Frat Houseobtain a dingy dinghy30
The Hippy Campobtain a dingy dinghy30
The Obligatory Pirate's Coveobtain a dingy dinghy45
Desert Beach
The Shore, a meatcarnone
South of the Borderbuild a meatcar10
The Lair of the Naughty Sorceress
Open the Lairlevel 11 [C]n/a
The Hedge MazeComplete the Inexplicable Door?
The Sorceress' ChamberComplete the TowerLevel 11 + 70 in all stats
Ascension Areas (require a specific sign to be visible)
Bugbear Pens (Mus)receive 1st quest from Mayor Zapruder13
Spooky Gravy Barrow (Mus)receive 3rd quest from Mayor Zapruder;
have special gravy fairy equipped
Outskirts of Camp Logging Camp (Mys)alwaysnone
Camp Logging Camp (Mys)always30
Thugnderdome (Mox)build a Meatcar25

Non-adventure areas which require something: