Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: JewelryMaking

Jewelrymaking is a new type of crafting introduced with Ascension. In order to craft jewelry, you need jewelry-making pliers. These can only be obtained by Ascending under a Mysticality moon sign and buying them at the Little Canadia Jewelers, as they are non-tradeable. Plying costs a whopping three adventures.

All currently known jewelry recipes require one of the jewelrymaking components sold at the shop (piercing post, hemp bracelet, or ring setting) and one of the pork gems you get on Ascension (baconstone, hamethyst, or porquoise).

The jewelry was changed significantly by the Tuesday update of April 24, 2007. Prior to this update, hemp bracelets (which were changed to hemp string by the update) were also purchaseable at Little Canadia Jewelers, and could be used to make jewelry as follows: With the change, hemp string was only available at the hippy camp, and not used in jewelrymaking recipes any more (although, curiously, it is still flagged as a jewelrymaking component), so the bracelets are now unmakeable. (Jick has stated, however, that they will be coming back in the future, possibly in altered form.) The enchantments on the bracelets were transferred to the earrings (which, previously, had been +5 Mus, +10 max HP; +5 Mys, +10 max MP; and +5 Mox, +6 max HP/MP), while the rings were also changed (previously, they had been +5 Mus/Mys/Mox, +3 Mox/Mus/Mys, and +2 Mys/Mox/Mus).