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There are currently a total of 77 known generally-obtainable tattoos, though most of them can only be obtained through Ascension. You get outfit-related tattoos from the PretentiousArtist by visiting him while wearing a complete outfit. Ascension-related tattoos are given to you when you open the letter from King Ralph after completing an ascension. Here are the tattoos (ordered in the order in which they're displayed):

There are also three special tattoos which have been given by Jick to players who have actually gotten real life KoL tattoos. zetareticula has a zombie bunny (see [WWW]this forum thread for details), Daisy Cutter has a spooky hockey mask, scalpel, and pretty flower (see [WWW]this thread for more), and corneliusv has a daisy (see [WWW]this thread for the full discussion). However, apparently KoL tattoos are becoming common enough that Jick will no longer award anything special for them.