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This is a list of all offhand items known to me. The meaning of the columns is as follows:

There are 105 offhand items in this list.

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Offhand Item Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage DR Crit MHP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
hors d'oeuvre tray40 musCommonY    +7  +20   Shield
1-ball-CommonY       +5    
17-ball-RareY   +10 Spooky
+10 Stench
+10 Hot
+10 Cold
+10 Sleaze
2-ball-CommonY   +5 Cold
+5 Cold Spell
3-ball-CommonY   +5 Spooky
+5 Spooky Spell
4-ball-CommonY   +5 Sleaze
+5 Sleaze Spell
5-ball-CommonY   +5 Hot
+5 Hot Spell
6-ball-CommonY   +5 Stench
+5 Stench Spell
7-ball-CommonY         +5  
9-ball-CommonY   +5 Melee
+5 Ranged
+5 Spell
anniversary balloon-AscCommonG            
arrow'd heart balloon-UnavailG            
barskin buckler-Common*Y+2   +1      Shield
basic meat foon10 mysCommonY +3 +3 Spell        
black shield65 musCommonY+5   +10 +20    Shield
bobble-hip hula elf doll-UnavailY+5+5+5      +15  
box-CommonY         +1  
box turtle10 musCommonY+1   +3      Shield
box-in-the-box-CommonY         +2  
box-in-the-box-in-the-box-CommonY         +3  
Offhand Item Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage DR Crit MHP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
cardboard box turtle20 musCommon*Y+3   +4      Shield
Cloaca-Cola shield-CommonY +1  +4      Shield
clockwork detective skull25 moxAscCommonY           Reveals approximate HP and power of monsters
clownskin buckler15 musCommon*Y   +3 Spooky+3      Shield
Codex of Capsaicin Conjuration-CommonY   +10 Spell       All spells cast are hot
Works only for Pastamancer and Sauceror spells
coffin lid10 musCommonY    +3   Spooky: Slight  Shield
continuum transfunctioner-CommonN            
Cookbook of the Damned-CommonY   +10 Spell       All spells cast are stench
Works only for Pastamancer spells
deck of tropical cards-UnavailY           +1 stat per fight
demon buckler25 musCommon*Y   +3 Hot+5      Shield
detective skull-CommonY           Reveals approximate HP of monsters
Dyspepsi-Cola shield-CommonY +1  +4      Shield
easter egg balloon35 mysCommonN+5+5+5         
enchanted brass knuckles10 mysCommonY     x2      
fake hand-CommonG   -1 Melee       Gives extra offhand equipment slot
flaming talons30 mysCommonY   +5 Melee
+5 Hot
foon-CommonY +2          
foon of fearfulness10 mysCommonY +3 +8 Spooky Spell        
foon of fleshiness10 mysCommonY +3 +8 Sleaze Spell        
foon of foulness10 mysCommonY +3 +8 Stench Spell        
Offhand Item Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage DR Crit MHP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
foon of frigidity10 mysCommonY +3 +8 Cold Spell        
foon of fulmination10 mysCommonY +3 +8 Hot Spell        
Gazpacho's Glacial Grimoire-CommonY   +10 Spell       All spells cast are cold
Works only for Pastamancer and Sauceror spells
giant stuffed bugbear-AscCommonG            
Glass Balls of the Goblin King20 mysAscCommonN +14          
gnauga hide buckler30 musAscCommon*Y+3+3+3 +5      Shield
golden sausage-UnavailN            
green balloon-CommonY            
heart-shaped balloon-AscCommonG            
hippo skin buckler30 musCommon*Y+5   +5      Shield
hypnodisk-RareY          +25 
ice baby-UnavailY           +3 stats per fight
incredibly creepy marionette40 mysUnavailY +3          
joybuzzer5 musCommonG           Grants "Shake Hands" combat skill
Kevlar balloon-AscCommonG            
kickback cookbook-CommonY   +20 Spell        
killer rag doll40 mysUnavailY+3           
mad scientist's sock monkey40 mysUnavailY  +3         
magic lamp-CommonY +5          
magical ice cubes-CommonY   +1 Cold        
Offhand Item Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage DR Crit MHP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
marionette40 mysUnavailY +3          
miniature stuffed Goth Giant-UnavailG            
moxie magnet-CommonY           MP calculated from Moxie rather than Mysticality
Mr. Balloon-AscCommonG+3+3+3         
Mylar balloon-AscCommonG            
Necrotelicomnicon-CommonY   +10 Spell       All spells cast are spooky
Works only for Pastamancer spells
off-hand balloon-UnavailY+1+1+1         
oyster basket-UnavailY            
penguin skin buckler30 musCommon*Y  +5 +5      Shield
pilgrim shield-UnavailY   +15 Melee+1/level +30    Shield
+3 stats per fight
Regenerate 10-12 HP per adventure
+50% weapon drops from monsters
pirate hook-UnavailN   +3 Melee        
pixel shield10 musCommonY+5   +3      Shield
rag doll40 mysUnavailY+3           
Raggedy Hippy doll-AscCommonG            
red balloon-AscCommonG            
rice bowl-CommonY           +20% food drops
sebaceous shield2 musCommon*Y   +1 Stench
+1 Sleaze
+2      Shield
sewer turtle-CommonY   +1 Stench+1      Shield
Sinful Desires-CommonY   +10 Spell       All spells cast are sleazy
Works only for Pastamancer spells
Offhand Item Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage DR Crit MHP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
snake shield42 musCommonY+6   +7      Shield
snarling wolf shield42 musCommonY    +7 +40    Shield
sock monkey40 mysUnavailY  +3         
Spanish fly trap-CommonN            
star buckler67 musCommonY+2+2+2 +10      Shield
steaming evil75 mysUnavailY   +6 Hot
+6 Sleaze
+6 Spooky
stuffed can of asparagus-CommonG            
stuffed dodecapede-CommonG            
stuffed ghuol whelp-AscCommonG            
stuffed Mob Penguin-AscCommonG            
stuffed sabre-toothed lime-AscCommonG            
stuffed stab bat-AscCommonG            
stuffed yeti-AscCommonG            
stuffed zmobie-AscCommonG            
thought balloon-AscCommonG            
Tiki lighter-UnavailY           +1 stat per fight
tropical paperweight-UnavailY           +1 stat per fight
Tuesday's ruby45 mysCommonY           Enchantment changes by day
Monday: +5% Muscle
Tuesday: Regenerate 3-7 MP per adventure
Wednesday: +5% Mysticality
Thursday: +5% item drops
Friday: +5% Moxie
Saturday: Regenerate 3-7 HP per adventure
Sunday: +5% meat drops
voodoo doll-UnavailY +1          
wad of Crovacite-UnavailN+5+5+5+5 Spooky        
Offhand Item Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage DR Crit MHP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
white balloon-CommonY            
white satin shield25 musCommonY  +2 +5      Shield
wonderwall shield70 musCommonY    +12 +50    Shield
yakskin buckler30 musCommon*Y +5  +5      Shield
antique shield85 musCommonY    +15  -10   Shield