Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: OffhandItemListByAbsorb

This is a list of all offhand items known to me. The meaning of the columns is as follows:

There are 62 offhand items in this list.

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Offhand Item Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs Crit Resistance Meat Item Misc
anniversary balloon-AscCommonG          
arrow'd heart balloon-UnavailG          
basic meat foon10 musCommonY +3 +3 Spell      
box-CommonY       +1  
box-in-the-box-CommonY       +2  
box-in-the-box-in-the-box-CommonY       +3  
Cloaca-Cola shield-CommonY +1       Shield
clockwork detective skull25 moxAscCommonY         Reveals approximate HP and power of monsters
Codex of Capsaicin Conjuration-CommonY   +10 Spell     All spells cast are hot
Works only for Pastamancer and Sauceror spells
coffin lid10 musCommonY      Spooky: Slight  Shield
continuum transfunctioner-CommonN          
detective skull15 moxCommonY         Reveals approximate HP of monsters
Dyspepsi-Cola shield-CommonY +1       Shield
easter egg balloon35 mysCommonN+5+5+5       
enchanted brass knuckles10 mysCommonY     x2    
fake hand-CommonG   -1 Melee     Gives extra offhand equipment slot
flaming talons30 mysCommonY   +5 Melee
+5 Fire
foon-CommonY +2        
Gazpacho's Glacial Grimoire-CommonY   +10 Spell     All spells cast are cold
Works only for Pastamancer and Sauceror spells
giant stuffed bugbear-AscCommonG          
Offhand Item Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs Crit Resistance Meat Item Misc
Glass Balls of the Goblin King20 mysAscCommonN +14        
gnauga hide buckler30 musAscCommon*Y+3+3+3      Shield
green balloon-CommonY          
heart-shaped balloon-AscCommonG          
hippo skin buckler30 musCommon*Y+5        Shield
hypnodisk-RareY        +25 
ice baby-UnavailY         +1 stat per fight
joybuzzer5 musCommonG         Grants "Shake Hands" combat skill
Kevlar balloon-AscCommonG          
kickback cookbook-CommonY   +20 Spell      
magic lamp-CommonY +5        
magical ice cubes-CommonY   +1 Cold      
marionette40 mysUnavailY +3        
miniature stuffed Goth Giant-UnavailG          
moxie magnet-CommonY         MP calculated from Moxie rather than Mysticality
Mr. Balloon-AscCommonG+3+3+3       
Mylar balloon-AscCommonG          
off-hand balloon-UnavailY+1+1+1       
oyster basket-UnavailY          
Offhand Item Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs Crit Resistance Meat Item Misc
penguin skin buckler30 musCommon*Y  +5      Shield
pirate hook-UnavailN   +3 Melee      
rag doll40 mysUnavailY+3         
Raggedy Hippy doll-AscCommonG          
red balloon-AscCommonG          
rice bowl-CommonY         +20% food drops
sock monkey40 mysUnavailY  +3       
star buckler67 musCommonY+2+2+2      Shield
steaming evil75 musUnavailY   +6 Fire
+6 Sleaze
+6 Spooky
stuffed can of asparagus-CommonG          
stuffed dodecapede-CommonG          
stuffed ghuol whelp-AscCommonG          
stuffed Mob Penguin-AscCommonG          
stuffed sabre-toothed lime-AscCommonG          
stuffed stab bat-AscCommonG          
stuffed yeti-AscCommonG          
stuffed zmobie-AscCommonG          
thought balloon-AscCommonG          
voodoo doll-UnavailY +1        
white balloon-CommonY          
Offhand Item Name Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs Crit Resistance Meat Item Misc
white satin shield25 musCommonY  +2      Shield
yakskin buckler30 mysCommon*Y +5       Shield