Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: TemporalRift

The Temporal Rift was initially introduced into the Kingdom along with a number of other TemporalRifts. The rest of them disappeared when the event ended, but the temporal rift in the Nearby Plains (now known simply as "A Temporal Rift") is still accessible under the right conditions.

To reach the Temporal Rift, you must complete the first part of the FernswarthysTower quest. Once you obtain Fernswarthy's letter, the rift will open up.

Note that, unlike every other region in the Kingdom, the Temporal Rift has a maximum level limit. When you reach level 6, the Rift will close and be replaced by a scorch mark (if you obtain Fernswarthy's letter after reaching level 6, you will never see the rift, just the scorch mark). So if you want to reach the rift, you need to do it soon!

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