Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: FernswarthysTower

As of January 24, 2007, Fernswarthy's Tower no longer appears automatically on your map. Instead, there is a multi-part quest you must undertake to find it. Exciting!

First, you must visit your Guild (assuming you've already passed your Guild's first challenge; if not, do so). You'll notice that there are two new people at the bottom, one representative from each class that inhabits the Guild. They are:

Try talking to them. You'll notice that the one of the same class as you is friendly, but useless. The one of the opposite class is unfriendly, but if you keep pestering him or her, eventually he or she will assign you a quest. You have to go to the Misspelled Cemetary and dig up the remains of Fernswarthy.

This part of the quest is straightforward. Head off to the Misspelled Cemetary. Eventually, you'll stumble across the "A Grave Mistake" adventure, which tells you that you'll need a shovel to do some digging up. Where might you get a shovel?

Keep adventuring in the Cemetary until you encounter a grave rober (or, if you've already finished the Cyrpt, a grave rober zmobie) and get a grave robbing shovel (or a rusty grave robbing shovel) from him. Then, keep adventuring until you get "A Grave Mistake" again. You'll be able to dig up some goodies!

If you read the letter, you'll notice that Fernswarthy has planted some mischief. This mischief will appear in the form of the TemporalRift, if you are of the appropriate level (otherwise, you'll just get a scorch mark).

Return with the Key to the person in the Guild who gave you the adventure, and you will be rewarded with 500 Meat.

But wait, there's more!

If you talk to the appropriate person in your Guild yet again, he or she will give you back the key and tell you to investigate Fernswarthy's Tower yourself.

So, head on off to the Nearby Plains and check out the Ruins of Fernswarthy's Tower. If you investigate, you'll find one area in the Tower: the Tower Ruins. So, the obvious thing to do is to fight here for a while.

After a while, you'll come across the "Staring into Nothing" adventure. This will open up the Stairs to Nowhere in the tower. However, as befits their name, the Stairs to Nowhere don't actually do anything. So there's nothing to do but adventure more in the Ruins.

Eventually, you'll come across "Into the Maw of Deepness". This opens up FernswarthysBasement. This is the same area as it was before, so you're not going to find what you're looking for here. Better to keep poking around the ruins...

Finally, you'll find a dusty old book! This must be what the people in the Guild wanted from you. Head back to them.

Somewhat disappointingly, you'll learn that the dusty old book is just a Manual of Labor (for Muscle classes), Manual of Transmission (for Mysticality classes), or a Manual of Dexterity (for Moxie classes). This concludes the quest, but you get the item.

The Manual works as follows: you can use it once per day, and no more. The first time you use it, you gain 20 of your main stat. The second use yields 40, and the third 100. Then, the 4th use gains you 40, and the 5th use gains you 20. After you have used the Manual five times, further uses will gain you nothing.

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