Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: DocGalaktik

At about Level 5, Doc Galaktik will ask for your help in a quest. He needs you to gather some new herbs for him: three each of swindleblossoms, fraudwort, and shysterweed.

The swindleblossoms are dropped by Knob Goblin Harem Girls in the Cobb's Knob Harem.

The fraudworts are dropped by Demoninjas in the Dark Elbow of the Woods, or, if you've already finished the DeepFatFriars quest, in the Deep Fat Friars' Gate.

The shysterweeds are dropped by grave robers in the Misspelled Cemetary if you haven't yet finished TheCyrpt quest, grave rober zmobies in the Defiled Alcove in the Cyrpt, or, if you've already finished TheCyrpt quest, from grave rober zombies in the Misspelled Cemetary.

Just keep fighting until you accumulate the necessary items, and then return them to Doc Galaktik. In exchange, he will sharply reduce the price of his Curative Nostrum and Fizzy Invigorating Tonic for you. The Nostrum will drop from 10 meat/HP to 6 meat/HP, while the Tonic will go from 17 meat/MP to 12 meat/MP.

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