Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: DeepFatFriars

The Council will tell you when the Deep Fat Friars need your help. If they haven't, you shouldn't be here.

The Deep Fat Friars tell you pretty much everything there is to do...

Adventure in the Dark Neck of the Woods until you get the Dodecagram. Adventure in the Dark Heart of the Woods until you get the Birthday Candles. Adventure in the Dark Elbow of the Woods until you get the Eldritch Butterknife. Then, go to the gate to perform the ritual. The Friars will reward you by teaching you LiverOfSteel. Characters on a specific Ascension path may be rewarded differently; specifically, Teetotallers will receive a StomachOfSteel instead, while Oxygenarians obtain the SpleenOfSteel.

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