Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: TheCyrpt

At a certain point, the Council will tell you to clean out the Cyrpt, so when you get this message, head on over.

The Cyrpt is pretty straightforward. Adventure in the Defiled Nook, the Defiled Cranny, the Defiled Alcove, and the Defiled Niche, which contain skleletons, lihces, ghuols, and zmobies (not necessarily in that order). After adventuring in each for a while, you'll fight a boss-like creature and then that area will disappear from the map. When you have cleared all four areas, go to the Haert of the Cyrpt to fight the Bonerdagon. When you beat the Bonerdagon, you'll get the Skull of the Bonerdagon and the Chest of the Bonerdagon. Open the chest to get some goodies. Take the Skull back to the Council and they'll give you a belt buckle.

You can do something with the BonerdagonBeltBuckle...

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