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This is a list of all shirts known to me. Note that you must have the Ascension skill Torso Awaregness to wear any shirts, and shirts will not drop for you unless you have that skill. The meaning of the columns is as follows:

There are 39 shirts in this list.

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Shirt Name Pow Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Abs DR Crit ML MHP MMP Resistance Meat Item Misc
Radio Free Jersey0-UnavailN+10+10+10      All: Serious   
tuxedo shirt10035 musCommon*Y  +7          
star shirt16567 musAscCommonY+5+5+5          
souvenir ski t-shirt10035 musAscCommonY  +5          
safety vest7020 musAscCommonY  +5 +3        
"Humorous" T-shirt10035 musUnavailN+4+4+4         2x chance of fumble
pirate shirt5010 musAscCommonY  +3          
supportive bra5010 moxAscCommonY  +3          
loathing eagle baby-doll shirt457 musAscCommonY  +3          
harem girl t-shirt25-AscCommonY  +3          
white hat hacker T-shirt6517 musAscCommonY+2+2+2  x2       
Mr. Shirt30-UnavailY+1+1+1          
palm-frond cloak14055 musCommonY         All: So-So   
Grimacite guayabera12547 musUnavailY      +0-50     Varies with Grimace
hipposkin poncho12045 musCommon*Y      +10      
yak anorak11542 musCommon*Y            Regenerate 3-4 MP per adventure
bronze breastplate10537 musAscCommonY   +20+4        
coconut bikini top10035 musAscCommonY +5           
flaming pink shirt100-UnavailY           +15 
floral print shirt10035 musAscCommonY +5           
Shirt Name Pow Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Abs DR Crit ML MHP MMP Resistance Meat Item Misc
gingham blouse10035 musAscCommonY+5            
goth kid t-shirt10035 musAscCommonY      +5      
rhinestone cowboy shirt10035 musAscCommonY+5            
Ye Olde Navy Fleece10035 musAscCommonY          +10  
eXtreme Bi-Polar Fleece Vest9030 musAscCommonY         Cold: So-So   
clockwork trench coat8025 musAscCommonY   +15         
demonskin jacket8025 musCommon*Y +5           
gnauga hide vest8025 musAscCommon*Y    +6    All: Slight   
Grateful Undead T-shirt7020 musAscCommonY           +5 
clownskin harness6015 musCommon*Y             
soggy wofl t-shirt457 musAscCommonY+3            
white snakeskin duster457 musCommon*Y+2      +10     
filthy hippy poncho405 musAscCommonY +3           
Knob Goblin elite shirt352 musAscCommonY+3            
barskin cloak25-Common*Y+2            
frilly shirt20-AscCommonY +3           
vampire cape20-AscCommonY            Drains opponent on critical hit
Ascension Souvenir T-Shirt15-UnavailY             
Kiss the Knob apron10-AscCommonY        +5