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This is a list of all pants known to me. The meaning of the columns is as follows:

There are 77 pants in this list.

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Pants Name Pow Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
antique greaves20085 musCommonY       -10    
star pants16567 moxCommonY       +20    
black greaves16065 moxCommonY+10   +30       
leather chaps16065 moxCommonY-4* +8*        Effect: Chapped Legs
giant discarded torn-up glove15562 moxCommonY  -10+5 Stench        
alpha-mail pants14055 moxCommonY            
palm-frond capris14055 moxCommonY  +4  +30+30     
1337 7r0uZ0RZ11040 moxCommonY+6* -3*        Effect: 1337p4n7Z
troutpiece11040 moxCommonY            
makeshift skirt10035 moxCommonY       +15    
snowboarder pants10035 moxCommonY    +20       
Cerebral Culottes9030 moxCommonY +10          
leotarrd9030 moxCommonY       +15    
miner's pants8025 moxCommonY    +20       
paper-plate-mail pants8025 moxCommonY            
swashbuckling pants8025 moxCommonY  +4         
demonskin trousers7020 moxCommonY        Hot: So-So   
ninja hot pants7020 moxCommonY   +4 Hot        
filthy corduroys6015 moxCommonY +3-3         
Knob Goblin elite pants6015 moxCommonY  +3         
Pants Name Pow Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
Orcish cargo shorts6015 moxCommonY+3-3          
bloody clown pants5010 moxCommonY   +3 Spooky        
junk-mail pants5010 moxCommonY            
pixel pants5010 moxCommonY     +10+10     
Knob Goblin Uberpants457 moxCommonY+2+2+2         
sticky meat kilt457 moxCommonY  +3         
sticky meat pants457 moxCommonY  +3         
sticky meat skirt457 moxCommonY  +3         
basic meat kilt405 moxCommonY  +1         
basic meat pants405 moxCommonY  +1         
basic meat skirt405 moxCommonY  +1         
tighty whiteys405 musCommonY        Spooky: Slight   
white satin pants405 moxCommonY        Sleaze: Slight   
frilly skirt352 moxCommonY            
pants of the Slug Lord352 moxCommonY        Stench: So-So   
bugbear bungguard30-CommonY            
chain-mail monokini30-CommonY            
Cloaca-Cola fatigues30-CommonY +3          
dungeoneer's dungarees30-CommonY        All: Slight   
Dyspepsi-Cola fatigues30-CommonY +3          
Pants Name Pow Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
barskin loincloth25-CommonY+1           
Knob Goblin pants25-CommonY+1           
studded leather boxer shorts20-CommonY            
Knob Goblin harem pants10-CommonY  +1         
mariachi pants10-CommonY            
furry kilt15060 moxCommon*Y   +5 Sleaze        
furry pants15060 moxCommon*Y   +5 Sleaze        
furry skirt15060 moxCommon*Y   +5 Sleaze        
yakskin kilt14055 moxCommon*Y      +25     
yakskin pants14055 moxCommon*Y      +25     
yakskin skirt14055 moxCommon*Y      +25     
hippopotamus kilt13050 moxCommon*Y     +25      
hippopotamus pants13050 moxCommon*Y     +25      
hippopotamus skirt13050 moxCommon*Y     +25      
penguin shorts12045 moxCommon*Y       +20    
penguinskin mini-kilt12045 moxCommon*Y       +20    
penguinskin mini-skirt12045 moxCommon*Y       +20    
clockwork pants8025 musAscCommonY       +10    
Boss Bat Britches6517 moxAscCommonN  +5         
los chinos5512 moxAscCommonY    +20       
Pants Name Pow Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Misc
gnauga hide chaps8025 moxAscCommon*Y    +30       
gnauga hide kilt8025 moxAscCommon*Y    +30       
gnauga hide skirt8025 moxAscCommon*Y    +30       
plexiglass pants18075 moxAscRewardN  +30%    +25  +20 
stainless steel slacks9030 moxAscRewardN  +15%    +15 +20  
astronaut pants17572 moxUnavailY+5    +30+30     
Radio Free Pants15060 moxUnavailY +20*         Effect: Free Bird
Grimacite greaves12547 moxUnavailY  +0-50%    +20%   Varies with Grimace
bowlegged pants10035 moxUnavailY  +5         
Crimbo pants10035 moxUnavailY       +30    
liar's pants100-UnavailY+5+5+5+10 Hot        
old school Mafia knickerbockers10035 moxUnavailY+25+25+25         
time trousers10035 moxUnavailY           +3 adventures/day
Travoltan trousers100-UnavailY  +15+10 Ranged   +30   5% discount at NPC stores
MP calculated from higher of Moxie and Mysticality
tree skirt10035 moxUnavailY  +5         
Tropical Crimbo Shorts10035 moxUnavailY       +30    
grass skirt8025 moxUnavailY  +5