Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: LeetTrapzor

In order to unlock the content of Mt. McLargeHuge, you must complete the quests that the L33t Tr4pz0r gives you.

Completing these quests is pretty simple, but if you really need a guide, here it is...

First the Tr4pz0r will ask you for three chunks of a certain type of ore (either chrome, linoleum, or asbestos). To get these, you'll need to adventure in Itznotyerzitz Mine until you've obtained the three parts of the MiningGear. Then, equip the mining gear and adventure in the mine to get ore. (See AdventureSpoiler for details on how mining in the mine works.) Finally, give the ore to the Tr4pz0r. He'll give you a class-appropriate weapon made from the ore (a sword for seal clubbers and turtle tamers, a staff for pastamancers and saucerors, and a crossbow for disco bandits and accordion thieves).

Next, the Tr4pz0r will ask you for six chunks of goat cheese. As you might guess, these can be obtained in the Goatlet. Adventure until you get the goat cheese, and bring it back to the Tr4pz0r; he'll give you three goat cheese pizzas.

Finally, the Tr4pz0r will tell you to get some protection from the cold. You can do this by either adventuring on the eXtreme Slope until you get the pieces of the eXtreme ColdWeather gear, adventuring at the Lair of the Ninja Snowmen until you get the pieces of the Hot and Cold Running NinjaSuit, or getting a sauceror to cast Elemental Saucesphere on you. Once you've done this, equip the outfit (if you're using an outfit) and visit the Tr4pz0r one last time. You'll get some meat, yeti furs, and access to the IcyPeak.

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