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This is a list of all hats known to me. The meaning of the columns is as follows:

There are 114 hats in this list.

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Hat Name Pow Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
plexiglass pith helmet18075 moxAscRewardN+30%            +5 familiar weight
Regenerate 10-12 HP and MP per adventure
mesh cap16567 moxCommonY+15* -5*          Effect: Red Neck
stainless steel skullcap9030 moxAscRewardN+15%   +60 +30       
Crown of the Goblin King7020 moxCommonY+10             
black cowboy hat16567 moxCommon*Y+8  +8 Melee          
Elder Turtle Shell5010 musCommonN+7            Bonus for Turtle Tamers only
Scalp of Gorgolok5010 musCommonN+7            Bonus for Seal Clubbers only
chrome helmet turtle12045 moxCommon*Y+5+5+5           
bowler10035 moxUnavailY+5             
outrageous sombrero100-UnavailN+5+5+5     -20    Gives 5x La Bamba effect once/day
Baron Von Ratsworth's tophat7522 moxAscCommonN+5+5+5           
superhero mask10-UnavailN+5+5+5          Changes avatar to class-dependent superhero
wolf mask15060 moxCommonY+4* +5*          Effect: Complete Delusion
meaty helmet turtle7020 moxCommon*Y+3             
Knob Goblin elite helm6015 moxCommonY+3             
leather mask6015 moxCommonY+3 -3           
Orcish baseball cap6015 moxCommonY+3-3            
meatloaf helmet5512 moxCommonY+3  +1 Melee          
meat cowboy hat405 moxCommonY+3             
pimpin' meat hat5512 moxCommonY+2 +2           
Hat Name Pow Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
pixel hat5010 moxCommonY+2+2+2           
Dolphin King's crown352 moxCommonY+2+2+2           
barskin hat5512 moxCommonY+1             
basic meat helmet405 moxCommonY+1             
viking helmet20-CommonY+1             
antique helmet20085 musCommonY        -10Spooky: Serious    
MAHI fez20085 moxUnavailN  +30           
toy space helmet17572 moxUnavailY         Stench: Serious
Spooky: Serious
   Provides mostly accurate battle statistics during fights
star hat16567 moxCommonY       +30      
big bad voodoo mask16065 moxCommonY +7 +15 Spell          
black helmet16065 musCommonY      +30       
giant discarded bottlecap15562 moxCommonY -10   +3        
extra-large palm-frond toupee15060 moxCommonY             +2 stats per fight
football helmet15060 moxCommonY              
Radio Free Baseball Cap15060 moxUnavailY  +20*          Effect: Radio Head
Mohawk wig14055 moxCommonY   +10 Melee          
Grimacite goggles12547 moxUnavailY +0-50%           +3 adventures/day
Varies with Grimace
worn tophat12547 moxCommonY  +7     +20     
fez of etymology12045 moxCommonY  +7           
wooden salad bowl12045 moxCommonY              
Hat Name Pow Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
enchantlers11542 moxCommonY   +10 Hot Spell          
Snow Queen Crown11542 moxCommonY   +5 Cold     Cold: Serious    
f3d0r411040 moxCommonY  +6           
Crimbo hat10035 moxUnavailY         Spooky: Slight    
eXtreme scarf10035 moxCommonY +5            
ice pick100-UnavailY           +15  
linoleum helmet turtle10035 moxCommon*Y      +10+10      
makeshift turban10035 moxCommonY         Spooky: So-So   Effect: Temporary Blindness
spooky hockey mask10035 moxRareY   +3 Spooky     Spooky: So-So    
time helmet10035 moxUnavailY             +3 adventures/day
Tropical Crimbo Hat10035 moxUnavailY         Spooky: Slight    
yak toupee10035 moxCommon*Y             Regenerate 3-4 MP per adventure
Cerebral Cloche9030 moxCommonY       +15     Jellyfish Vision
lihc face9030 moxCommonY         Spooky: So-So    
safarrri hat9030 moxCommonY      +15      +10 damage vs. lions
yellow plastic hard hat9030 moxCommonY              
cornuthaum8527 moxCommonY +3+3           
asbestos helmet turtle8025 moxCommon*Y         Hot: Slight    
clockwork hat8025 moxAscCommonY         Spooky: Slight    
cold ninja mask8025 moxCommonY        +15     
Hat Name Pow Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
grass hat8025 moxUnavailY       +10      
miner's helmet8025 moxCommonY           +5  
sequined fez8025 moxAscCommonY  +3           
bubblewrap bottlecap turtleban7012 mysCommon*Y +3     +5     Regenerate 2-3 MP per adventure
demon-horned hat7020 moxCommonY  +4           
goofily-plumed helmet7020 moxCommonY              
blue traffic cone6015 moxUnavailN  +3      Hot: So-So    
filthy knitted dread sack6015 moxCommonY   +3 Stench          
goat beard6015 moxCommonY +3            
green traffic cone6015 moxUnavailN  +3      Stench: So-So    
orange traffic cone6015 moxUnavailN  +3      Spooky: So-So    
red traffic cone6015 moxUnavailN  +3      Cold: So-So    
yellow traffic cone6015 moxUnavailN  +3      Sleaze: So-So    
Ancient Saucehelm5010 mysCommonN +7           Bonus for Saucerors only
balaclava5010 moxAscCommonY         Cold: Slight    
balloon helmet5010 moxCommonY    +20         
clown wig5010 musCommonY +3 +3 Spell          
Colander of Em-er'il5010 mysCommonN +7           Bonus for Pastamancers only
Disco 'Fro Pick5010 moxCommonN  +7          Bonus for Disco Bandits only
El Sombrero De Lopez5010 moxCommonN  +7          Bonus for Accordion Thieves only
Hat Name Pow Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
gasmask5010 moxUnavailY         Stench: Serious    
Knob Goblin visor5010 moxCommonY  +3           
raspberry beret5010 moxCommonY         Hot: So-So    
Sombrero De Vida5010 moxUnavailN             keep 4 songs in your head
basic meat fez457 moxCommonY +1+2           
furry green turtle457 musCommonY  +3           
irate sombrero457 moxCommonY   +3 Melee          
foolscap fool's cap405 moxCommonY -2+2           
mullet wig405 moxCommonY   +2 Sleaze          
pentacorn hat405 moxCommonY              
enchanted eyepatch352 moxCommonY +5            
maiden wig352 moxCommonY              
asshat30-CommonY   +1 Sleaze     Stench: Slight    
bugbear beanie30-CommonY              
chef's hat30-CommonY +2            
Cloaca-Cola helmet30-CommonY    +10         
coconut shell30-CommonY    +1         
Dyspepsi-Cola helmet30-CommonY    +10         
pail30-CommonY    +10         
skeletortoise30-CommonY +2            
Hat Name Pow Req Avail Trade Mus Mys Mox Damage Abs DR MHP MMP Init Resistance Meat Item Sk Misc
eyepatch25-CommonY  +2           
bum cheek20-CommonY         Stench: Slight    
Kentucky-style derby20-CommonY              
knobby helmet turtle20-CommonY   +1 Melee          
oriole-feather headdress15-UnavailY      +1+1      
disco mask10-CommonY              
fire10-UnavailY   +7 Hot         Effect: Head on Fire, Ass Catching
helmet turtle10-CommonY              
jewel-eyed wizard hat10-UnavailY       +30    -1Regenerate MP based on level
+5 duration to buffs you cast
Allows casting of Magic Missile
Knob Goblin harem veil10-CommonY         Stench: Slight    
opera mask10-CommonY  -5           
ravioli hat10-CommonY              
draggin' ball hat10035 moxCommonY-3* +6*          Effect: Draggin' Balls