Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: GetMoreMeat

From time to time, you'll probably wonder, "How can I get the most Meat from foes I slay?" This guide will hopefully help you to answer that question. (But note that it might be the wrong question to ask! Depending on where you're adventuring, you might be better off trying to maximize the number of items you get instead and selling those items. See GetMoreItems for that.)

Here's everything that I know of which gets you more meat. Note that all gains are percentages of the basic meat drop, so the gains are bigger for monsters which drop a lot of meat (like Yetis). Also, all percentages are additive; that is, if you have something giving you +20% meat and something giving you +50% meat, they'll combine to give you +70% meat (Jick recently changed this, to the dismay of a lot of people; before, some of the bonuses would multiply instead of add, giving you more meat).



The coffee pixie, cheshire bat, and hand turkey all have the same functionality as a leprechaun. There are also some familiars, like the dice, cocoabo, driedl, and feather boa constrictor, which occasionally give random amounts of meat, but this is separate from your normal meat gain.

See also GetHeavierFamiliars for advice on increasing your familiar level.


  • meatspout staff (weapon) -- +15% meat
  • muculent machete (weapon) -- +5% meat
  • penguin whip (weapon) -- +3% meat
  • acoustic guitarrr (weapon) -- +2% meat
  • stainless steel slacks (pants; hardcore Disco Bandit Ascension reward) -- +20% meat
  • 7-ball (off-hand item) -- +5% meat
  • box-in-the-box-in-the-box (off-hand item) -- +3% meat
  • box-in-the-box (off-hand item) -- +2% meat
  • box (off-hand item) -- +1% meat
  • incredibly dense meat gem (accessory; ultra-rare) -- +25% meat
  • Grimacite galoshes (accessory; Mafia raffle item) -- +25% meat
  • Baron Von Ratsworth's money clip (accessory, one only) -- +15% meat
  • ice skates (accessory, one only) -- +15% meat
  • Radio KoL Bottle Opener (accessory; radio item) -- +15% meat
  • porquoise necklace (accessory, one only) -- +10% meat
  • toy train (accessory, one only) -- +10% meat
  • lucky rabbit's foot (accessory) -- +7% meat
  • tiny plastic hermit (accessory) -- +6% meat
  • white collar (accessory) -- +3% meat
  • lucky Tam O' Shanter (familiar equipment) -- +50% meat
  • If you have a leprechaun or equivalent, having a tiny plastic familiar accessory is almost as effective as a tiny plastic hermit, since the tiny plastic familiar is +1 level, which is +5% meat (and is much cheaper to get in the first place).


    As far as I know, there's no hat which increases the amount of meat dropped (though the plexiglass pith helmet can indirectly increase the amount of meat by raising your familiar level).