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Familiars are extremely useful, and with the right skills and items, you can make them much more useful. While familiars can only reach 20 pounds through their normal process of leveling, you can reach much higher levels with the appropriate skills and items.




Note that the tiny plastic familiars don't have to "match" the familiar -- for example, a tiny plastic mosquito will give +1 pound to your familiar regardless of what your familiar actually is.

Familiar Equipment

Most familiars have a special familiar item which gives that familiar (and that familiar only) +5 pounds. The doppelshifter's special familiar item gives it a whopping +15 pounds. See FamiliarItems for a complete list. The lead necklace will give +3 pounds to any familiar. The Tam O'Shanter, miniature maypole, and wax lips work slightly differently -- they add the functionality of a leprechaun, gravy fairy, or volleyball to any familiar. So, a 20-pound grue with wax lips will work like a 20-pound grue plus a 10-pound volleyball. A 20-pound volleyball with wax lips will work like a 30-pound volleyball (though it'll still only be listed as 20, because of the way the wax lips work).

Here's a chart indicating the maximum levels familiars can reach:

ClassMaximum level for grue, yeti, stab bat,
MechaMech, teddy bear, pygmy bugbear
shaman, wild hare, or dodecapede*
Maximum level for
all other familiars
Maximum level for leprechaun, gravy fairy,
or volleyball**
Maximum level for doppelshifter
non-ascended SC, S, DB, or AT41434853
non-ascended TT or P46485358
softcore ascender51435863
maximum possible56586368

* These familiars' special accessories do not give +5 pounds, but rather have another useful effect. So the maximum weight is obtained by using a lead necklace (+3 pounds). However, in most cases, having the 20-pound familiar with their special accessory is more useful than having a 23-pound familiar.
** As noted above, the +10 pound special accessories do not increase the displayed weight, so a 20-pound volleyball with wax lips will be displayed as a 20-pound volleyball, but will be as effective as a 30-pound volleyball. The weight listed in this column is thus the "effective" weight.