Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: GetMoreItems

At times in the Kingdom, you'll want to get the maximum items out of your adventuring. This guide will help you to achieve that.

Note: It's much harder to gather raw data on item drops than it is on meat, simply because the variance is so much larger. Hence, pretty much everything here is based on the listed values, rather than the results of testing. The BGF number is the number I always see quoted whenever people are talking about it, but it's hard to confirm or deny.

All item drop bonuses are additive; a +50% bonus will combine with a +20% bonus to make a +70% bonus.



The coffee pixie and the crimbo elf have the same functionality as a baby gravy fairy.

See also GetHeavierFamiliars for advice on increasing your familiar level.



In general, it's pretty hard to increase your item drops to the extent that you can increase your meat drops, so the Mr. Accessory Jr. is a pretty popular item.