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This site began its existence as a private MoinMoin wiki for the members of our clan. However, as time went on, most of the people in our clan stopped playing. I had spend a lot of time gathering a lot of data about the game (being that kind of compulsive person), and it felt like a waste if no one was actually using it, so I decided to open it up to the public (de-wikifying it in the process, but it still looks like a wiki).

Credits: Almost all of the data in here was gathered and written up by me (Ragnok). Nikademus (#95105) (not to be confused with the creator of KoL Coldfront, who goes by that name on Coldfront, but is Nikatoni in-game) wrote the original version of AscensionChecklist and gathered a lot of data used in ItemEffects and AdventureSpoiler. Some small contributions were made by other members of the clan (though I don't know who in all cases).

Contacting me: If you think that something in here is inaccurate or incomplete, drop me (#49653) a message in game (through KoLmail...don't /msg me, as I'm often not paying attention to chat). Please don't just send me the effects of food or drink -- being the compulsive-type that I am, I want to verify everything personally, so I don't want to put any effects on here that I haven't observed first-hand. (Donations of expensive food are appreciated here.) Feel free to tell me anything else about the site, too.

Big thanks are in order to the following:

Thanks also to everyone who has contributed suggestions, corrections, additions, or items. I'm terrible at keeping track of everyone who has helped out, so I'm afraid I can't thank people by name, but I appreciate all of the mail I get.

Thanks for reading, and hope you find this site useful!