Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: TheUntinker

The Untinker (located on the Wrong Side of the Tracks) tells you that he needs his screwdriver, which is on Degrassi Knoll. So adventure there until you get it, and then return it to him. (If you have ascended with a Muscle moon sign, you can get the screwdriver from Innabox.)

The Untinker can uncombine any items that you have combined with meat paste. (He cannot unsmith weapons, uncook food, or unmix cocktails, however.)

Note that the Untinker will not even talk to you until you have visited the appropriate person in your guild (Olaf, Blaine, or Izzy). If you're having problems getting the Untinker to give you his quest, make sure you've talked to your guild representative first.

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