Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: TheHermitage

You should have learned this from the Toot Oriole!

In order to get to the Hermitage, you need to buy a Hermit Permit from the Market. Then, the Hermitage will appear in the mountains. Note that each Hermit Permit is only good for one visit to the Hermit! After that, it disappears and you need to buy another.

The Hermit will only trade you for a worthless gew-gaw, knickknack, or trinket. In order to get these, you must fish around in the Sewer using chewing-gum-on-a-string. Again, each chewing-gum-on-a-string is consumed when you use it in the Sewer.

Later in the game, you will need NoHermitPermit.

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