Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: StrangeLeaflet

You receive the Strange Leaflet from the Council when you reach Level 9. When you use it, you're transported to a text adventure! The adventure is obviously a homage to Zork and other classic text adventures of its ilk.

To minimize spoilerage, this guide is presented as a series of questions and answers. Of course, merely reading some of the questions may be a spoiler, but this is the best I can do. To reveal an answer, click the "Answer" button. To reveal all answers at once, click here:

Note: Most commands can be abbreviated. For instance, you can type "e" instead of "east". You can also use "inventory" at any time to check your current stash of items.

1. What should I do at the beginning?

2. What do I need to do in the house?

3. Is there anything else to do in the house before I leave?

4. What else can I do in the house?

5. Where do I go from the house?

6. How do I get into the cave?

7. What should I do in the cave?

8. Is there anything else to do in the cave?

9. What can I do after finishing up in the cave?

10. How can I cross the stream?

11. How do I get through the forest maze?

12. What do I do in the forest clearing?

13. How do I get the ruby from the roadrunner?

14. OK, I have the ruby. Now what?

15. How do I defeat the giant?

16. What items can you obtain from the strange leaflet?

17. I've heard you can get a trophy from the strange leaflet. Is this true?

18. I've heard you can get a skill from the strange leaflet. Is this true?

19. What Easter eggs are there?

20. I am a very lazy person and would just like a list of commands I should type. Perhaps you could provide such a thing?

21. I've heard there is a cheat code to the Strange Leaflet. What is it?

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