Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: StoneMariachis

You'll need to solve all six puzzles in the Perplexing Door and successfully traverse the Perplexing Odor before you'll be able to tackle the Stone Mariachis, so if you haven't done so yet, go back and finish them.

All right, if you've traversed the Perplexing Odor, the mariachis should be active, and if you've finished all of the Perplexing Door, you should have three stone tablets, one for each mariachi. But now it looks like you'll need an instrument for each...

Okay, consider the tablets. What instrument would you need for "Sinister Strumming"? How about "Squeezings of Woe"? How about "Really Evil Rhythm"?

For the strumming, you'll need something you can strum. For the squeezings, you'll need something you can squeeze. And for the really evil rhythm, you'll need something you can shake...

Obtain a guitarrr (either acoustic or Heavy Metal Thunderrr) or a banjo (either Disco or stone; the Crimbo ukelele will also work) for the strumming, an accordion (either a stolen accordion or a Rock and Roll Legend; note that a calavera concertina will, for whatever reason, not work) for the squeezing, and either a tambourine or a bone rattle for the shaking...

To get an acoustic guitarrr, adventure in the Obligatory Pirate's Cove. To make a stone banjo, combine banjo strings from the Hermit with a big rock, obtainable in the Lemon Party Slot in the Casino with a ten-leaf clover. The stolen accordion can be found in the sewer. To make a tambourine, combine tambourine bells from the Hippy Camp with a Gnollish pie tin from the Bugbear Bakery. To make a bone rattle, combine a broken skull from the Bat Hole with a skeleton bone from the Misspelled Cemetary.

Once you have done this, the way to the courtyard will be open.

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