Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: SpectralPickleFactory

No one quite knows. The Spectral Pickle Factory has appeared three times since its creation: once on 6/16/04, once on 9/4/04, and once on 6/7/05. The first two appearances were exactly 80 days apart, leading many to perform simple linear extrapolation and conclude that the next would appear 80 days later, or perhaps be correlated with the cycle of the moon in some way (since the first two were separated by exactly five full moon cycles, they both had the same moon phases -- Ronald was 3/4 full and waning, and Grimace was 1/2 full and waxing). However, the third appearance of the pickle factory (along with the fact that it had failed to appear until then) has led most to conclude that its appearances do not follow any particular pattern.

It is believed (as of 10/11/05) that the pickle factory appearance is either random, or controlled by the whims of Jick and/or Mr. Skullhead. Possibly some combination of the two.

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