Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: SorceressTower

Unlike before, the monsters in the Sorceress Tower are now randomly different for everyone. Like before, however, the monsters cannot be defeated in normal combat, but only by using one item which specifically targets their weakness. In general, you can figure it out by reading the description carefully. All Tower monsters have approximately 100,000 HP and yield 40 XP when slain. You might want to look at [WWW]Coldfront's list of combat items to see if anything there looks promising. If you want more spoilers, here they are:

EnemyWeakness (mouseover to reveal)
Bowling Cricketsonar-in-a-biscuit
Beer Batterbaseball
Big Meat Golemmeat vortex
Electron Submarinephotoprotoneutron torpedo
Enraged Cowbarbed-wire fence
Fickle Finger of F8razor-sharp can lid
Flaming Samuraifrigid ninja stars
Giant Desktop GlobeNG
Ice Cubecan of hair spray
Pretty Flyspider web
Tyrannosaurus Texchaos butterfly
Vicious Easeldisease

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