Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: PerplexingDoor

In order to pass this door, you'll need a bunch of keys from elsewhere in the game...

To be precise, you'll need six keys...

Acquire these six keys. Each key has its own puzzle associated with it:

The keys can be acquired in the following locations: Boris', Jarlsberg's, and Sneaky Pete's keys can be found at the end of the Daily Dungeon. The Skeleton Key can be obtained by combining a skeleton bone with loose teeth (both found in the Misspelled Cemetary). The Digital Key can be obtained by giving 30 White Pixels (as found in the 8-Bit Realm) to the Crackpot Mystic. Richard's Star Key can be obtained by using a Star Chart to combine 8 stars and 7 lines (get them all from the Hole in the Sky).

There is also one additional item -- an Easter egg, if you will -- which can be acquired from the Perplexing Door. See DoorEasterEgg.

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