Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: HiddenTemple

If you haven't done any adventuring in the Spooky Forest, try wandering around there for a while.

The first thing you'll need is the Spooky Temple Map (obtainable in the Spooky Forest). If you try to use it, it says that you'll need something to be able to reach higher...

So you'll need a Spooky Sapling (also obtainable from the Spooky Forest). But it needs to grow...

Finally, you'll need some Spooky-Gro Fertilizer (also obtainable from the Spooky Forest). When you have all three, you can use the Spooky Temple Map. Now the Hidden Temple is accessible in the woods!

The Hidden Temple will give you a variable amount of experience (dependent on your stats) per visit, with no fighting or Meat.

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