Subjunctive KoL   Subjunctive KoL: GourdTower

Do what it tells you to do: if you're a Seal Clubber or a Turtle Tamer, you'll need to collect Knob Goblin Firecrackers from the Cobb's Knob Outskirts; if you're a Pastamancer or a Sauceror, you'll need to collect razor-sharp can lids from the Haunted Pantry; and if you're a Disco Bandit or Accordion Thief, you'll need to collect spider webs from the Sleazy Back Alley.

Collect 5 and return them to the Tower for a gourd potion. The gourd potion will give you a substantial boost to your primary stat.

You can repeat this quest to get more gourd potions, but each time you do it it'll cost one more item. If you complete the quest the time you have to give him 25 items, it'll tell you that the Gourd is finally safe and you can't do the quest any more.

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